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Many homeowners today prefer timber windows when they are building their new house. The reason for this may be that they have realized the importance of natural materials over the ones that are manmade. The timber frames look very attractive and are highly stunning to the eyes. The other advantage is that you have the option to choose the quality of wood when you make window frames. They can be carved or painted and stained that will suit your taste. This will also give you an opportunity to match with the look of the entire house. If you compare the timber windows to that of PVC then you will find that the timber frames are also environment friendly. They also last for many years and if it is maintained properly, it will definitely last for a lifetime.

Since timber is a natural material, it acts like a masterstroke for your homes. This helps to keep the temperature of your house in a comfortable state. This works as an insulator that helps in the retention of heat inside the house. The carbon emissions are also reduced that lowers the electricity bill and keeps the house warm and comfortable.

The timber material requires proper maintenance and with painting makes it look attractive like before. This also helps to resist the elements of nature.

Why is Timber Preferred by Homeowners?

timber windows and doors

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The preference for timber windows has scored high depending upon the style and its aesthetics. The new manufacturers feel that its performance level is also very high and lasts quite long. These are the major factors that make it a better choice. However, some of the factors that make it better than other materials are:

  • The timber as a product can meet the needs of the customers. Hence, they are delivered to the main site once it is fully finished and ready to fit. This is one of the greatest advantages for both customer and builder.
  • The timber windows do not require high maintenance as it is painted in the factory. This protects the material from rust and stains and is guaranteed for at least ten years. The only thing that the homeowner must do is to inspect it so that the paint is in its top condition.
  • The quality of timber also matters because the standard timber will meet all the requirements. The growth of timber is without any knots and resistant to water.
  • The material does not warp if it is of good quality.
  • The location of your property is important if you have decided to install timber windows. The edge of the window is quite wide so it forms a protection in conditions of extreme weather.

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The homeowners are sometimes confused as to which material will be the best for house remodeling or a new house. Usually wood becomes the best choice in terms of longevity and durability. Timber is one of the materials that are commonly used for doors and windows. In comparison to PVC and aluminium, wood always is a preferred choice among homeowners. This is because the electrical, aesthetics, thermal and mechanical properties of wood have not become old-fashioned. They are preferred among builders and homeowners.

timber frame interior windows

Image Source: pexels.com

The other advantage with timber windows is that it has the smallest coefficient of expansion. This has made this material stable as well as immobile. You can also have the option to select a variety of designs. The old or traditional homes usually opt for aesthetically pleasing doors and windows, so timber is the only option. This is a simple and genuine choice.


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