A game room is a dream for every kid and adult because it is a room where people relax. The game room is usually bigger than most of the rooms in the house and that is why people decide to put it in the basement. If you are in need of that kind of room and you have a basement you don’t use, why don’t you make a game room there? Remember, a room like that is good for you, your family and your friends. Also, if you ever consider selling your house, a room like that will raise the value of your home. But, before you start with the renovation, there are few things you have to consider investigating. Let me help you get started with the renovation of your perfect basement game room.

Make a layout

basement floor plans

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First and the most important thing you have to do is to measure the basement. Measure it and make a layout so you can see what you can and what you can’t do. Sometimes the room seems a lot smaller in person and that is why a layout is so handy. There, you will see every distance in the room, every wall, every window. You will have all the measurements you need to leave surprises and unexpected situations at the door. If you aren’t handy with tools and computer programs for drawing, hire a professional for that.

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Talk about the room

What do you want to put in the room? The best part about renovating the basement in the perfect game room is the fact that you have enough space to fill everybody’s requirements. All you need to do is make a good design. That is why it is crucial to talk about the room, the pros and cons and the things you want inside. The best way to fulfill all wishes is to separate the basement in areas. If you have an open space basement you don’t have to put walls up, just make a border with a bookcase or a storage system. If you don’t have an open space, try to adjust the rooms to areas you want to have.

basement ideas

You could have kid’s area, adult’s area, cinema and even game tables area. Kid’s area can be a place with carpet and tons of toys. Adult’s area can have a bar and comfortable seats so you can sit and talk. Home cinema should have a big sofa, comfortable chairs, bean bags, and gadgets. That could also be a video game area which is a great thing.  Game table area can have all the game tables you wish, but, consider space you have. If you want to put a pool table in the game table area, keep in mind that a pool table is bigger than most dining tables. In my opinion, it is better to put smaller game tables like the foosball table because you don’t need that much room for it and it is as entertaining as other game tables.

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Depending on your budget, you can make a big or a small renovation. If you have a basement in good shape, you can paint the walls and insert new lighting as a part of the renovation. Pick light colors like light green, light blue, light yellow or even white because those colors are neutral and they will make your game room seem bigger.

When it comes to lighting, you have to adjust the lighting to the areas you will have in your game room. For example; in kid’s room you won’t put a big and heavy chandelier, you will put few smaller lights which have a plastic shade because it is safer than glass or crystal. The home cinema is where you don’t want bright light. You can have one big light on the ceiling, but make sure that you have few table lights. That way you won’t be in a complete dark when you turn off the light on the ceiling. A game table area is a different story. Lights in other areas are more environmental lights, to set the mood. You have to have a bright light in the game room area and you have to put it right above the game table. If you have a light is behind you will see your shadow when you play and that is very annoying. Also, it makes harder for you to notice the fastball that is bouncing from one end to another.

As you can see, having a perfect game room in the basement is all about organization and planning. When you decide everything before the renovation you can have a fast and painless renovation that will end up with perfect game room for the entire family. If the renovation is much more serious than that, hire a professional because it will save you money and keep your nerves in one piece.

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