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The Colonial decoration started as a rather crude, hand-built design but it has been evolved more than three centuries into a rather baroque style. However, it has not entirely sacrificed its rustic traits that originate back to the first American settlers. In a word, the Georgian Colonial interiors is a medley of various design influences but still has a traditional, timeless sense into the essence.

If you want to bring the elegance of that period into your home, find inspirations from these design ideas.

Painted Wood Moldings

Ornamental crown molding was used in abundance in most Georgian Colonial homes because the style drew heavy influences from the classical Greek architecture and the French aristocratic genre. It was not unusual to find walls wrapped up with ornamental trim molding from floor to ceiling.

In addition, it was common to find crown moldings, cornices, paneling, dado rails, and other decorative wall elements. Elaborate door archways were frequently used, especially in larger homes where the grandeur of that large feature seems more suited. These ornate architectural features emphasize on traditional panache and complete the look of a room. Model Home Makeover is a home renovation company in Toronto provided smart and easy to implement home upgrade ideas you can check out.

The Wallpaper Treatment

Adding an extra layer over the walls had become a trend in later years of the Georgian Colonial style. Covering the entire walls was the norm and the wallpaper used to feature elaborate prints, unlike the modern time when geometric or minimal prints are more common. The design could be subtle too, but it must look gorgeous and attractive. You can also throw a crystal chandelier, floor-to-ceiling drapes, and jewel-toned fabrics in the mix to reinforce the Colonial style.

The murals are another option because you can take the style lead from the architecture of the room. You can pair up the decorative ceiling crown molding with a mural on the wall featuring romantic botanical prints or a historical scene. Such a combination will sit particularly well with a traditional setup. 

The Warmth of Wood

colonial furniture

Image Source: pixabay

colonial home decorDining Room (Photo by barefoot studios), by Sean Madden on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

The style has the rustic vibe at its heart. There’s nothing better than wood that can catch the charming, warm nature of the rustic, cottage genre. Wood was abundant at that time, so it was easier to make top-notch furniture with maple, cherry, and walnut trees. Birch and pine were popular options too but only for simpler, less expensive pieces. In fact, the historic homes were just dotted with wooden furniture pieces. These were excellent in exerting the rich, elegant designs without sacrificing the cozy manner.

High-Quality Antiquities

colonial homes

Image Source: pixabay

The furnishings of a place play a significant role in creating the vibe of a certain era. The most popular furniture styles invaded the Georgian Colonial homes are Queen Anne, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, and Chippendale. These furniture pieces could be singled out due to some unique characteristics such as ornate carvings, carved legs, heavier proportions, and the use of gilding. You can follow an individual style, but a hodgepodge of different types will look cluttery.

Natural Texture

Just like the welcoming charm of wooden fixtures, natural texture also goes well with this trend since it has the rustic feel and look. You can juxtapose traditional wooden furnishings with accessories made of rattan, caning, and sisal. Wallpaper, upholstery, rugs, and window fabrics will also help in adding more texture along with depth and interest. Try to bring the wooden fixtures in darker shades so that the impact is powerful.

Choose an Elegant Color

green bedroom

Image Source: pixabay

The color tones used in the Colonial homes were soft and muted. Whitewashing was the most popular of all as it creates an open, airy feeling. However, pale shades of green, blue, yellow, pink, and taupe were also widely used. To give your home that period vibe, choose the color palette accordingly. Avoid the saturated hues and go for the elegant, soft versions available in Nature. For example, you can pair up Benjamin Moore’s Georgian Green walls with white ceiling and floral-printed white bed sheets. A feminine palette will look graceful and ooze more warmth.

Renovate Your Home with Georgian Colonial Interiors was last modified: May 8th, 2020 by Alex Lewinsky

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