Since its invention in the early 1950s, microwave ovens have gone from a futuristic science fiction to an everyday tool in kitchens. Almost everyone has a microwave in their home but very few of them know the right method of placing it or suffer from a chronic indecision of placement before installing it. A lot of things like cooking, foot traffic, efficiency, time consumption or safety depends on the setup of the microwave and stove in the kitchen. Placement of microwaves have gone through a massive evolution and now there are a lot of effective and safe choices to choose from. A lot of homemakers all over the internet ask this question, “Where to put the stove and microwave in the kitchen?”.

It is indeed very crucial and worthy topic for the safety of yourself and your family. The GE installation manuals suggest that the distance between stove top and the bottom of the cabinet touching the microwave should be not less than 30 inches.

Placement of Stove and Microwave

Here are some ways your stove and microwave can be placed based on the architecture of your house or apartment:

  • Over The Range:

    Setting up microwave over the range is not only most common but also widely accepted over the years by interior designers all over the world. But, modern-day designers discourage putting one’s microwave over the range. The placement is bad because food items are hard to put into it. There is a strong chance that the food items will spill out of the bowl and you have got to reach out to the top to bring the food out of the microwave.

The risk of burning yourself is not too less. Also, people who are elder or younger or not physically fit will have a tough time operating these over the range microwave ovens. This type of placement is not suitable for two cook kitchens too as the people using the microwave and the stovetop will come in way of one another vehemently.

  • Above Your Kitchen Counter:

    Above-counter placement is a far more efficient and safe than over the range placement. It is safe and usable for kids, elderlies, and people with physical handicaps. In most of the cases, interior designers recommend it as there is a closure on the allocation of placing other kitchen appliances based on it. If you have all your places set, but can’t get an area deep enough to put your microwave in, you can just opt for the area underneath your shelf. Above-counter placement also provides the necessary space to keep your microwave oven free from damp or moisture. Cooking with a countertop microwave makes your everyday life easier.
  • Below the Kitchen Counter:

    Homeowners all around the world are finding it tough to accommodate all their kitchen appliances in their accord. Having more appliances does not implicate the shortage of kitchen efficiency. Many people have told me that somehow they find their under the counter microwave set up to be in the apogee of kitchen experience. People who cook a lot do not like this placement as it involves a lot of bending and people with curious small children are suggested to think twice before picking this method up for planning as it can be very dangerous. It is also evident from the fact that some of its users like it as it keeps the counter clear and spacious. It is also perfect for children old enough to cook and for handicapped people as it gives them that ability to move the dishes freely around the kitchen in their wheelchair.
  • On a Wheeled Cart:

    A wheeled cart is the most efficient microwave placement. It renders the maximum amount of flexibility and ease. One does not need to spend on making cabinets or counters for the microwave, just have to put it on a wheeled cart. It can be placed anywhere as it is easily movable and does not require too much of space in the kitchen. Plug and cook anywhere you want in the house.

Placing your stove and microwave in the right place is very important. Select the type of placement that best suits your needs and configure your kitchen accordingly for a safe and better cooking experience.

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Frank lee
Frank lee

Another idiot with an ill-informed opinion


The ONLY sane place to install a microwave is above the regular oven in a dedicated tower – that’s an option you apparently didn’t consider?