Originally from Wales, Sara Grace Wevill is a contemporary ceramic artist based in France. Her decorative pieces reveal her taste for rich colors, deep blues and turquoises in particular. Passionate about Arab architecture, her work is an invitation to discover the lost shapes and colors of Greece and ancient Egypt.

contemporary ceramic artist

Sara Grace Wevill, contemporary ceramic artist

Middle Eastern aesthetics as the source of inspiration

A 1990 graduate of the University of the West of England, Sara Grace Wevill works in sandstone, glazed earthenware, and porcelain. After practicing as a trainer for several years, the contemporary ceramic artist decided to follow her own path and founded her workshop. Arriving in France in 2001, she settled in the Sarthe, in the west of the country.

contemporary ceramic artist

This contemporary ceramic artist designs decorative pieces that allow her to free herself from all utilitarian constraints and concentrate on the work of form and color. Her vases, pots, and cups reflect her taste for the aesthetics of the Greek and Egyptian worlds. “My main influences come from Arab art and architecture, especially Indo-Saracenic and Indo-Islamic styles. I value in my work the harmonic rhythm of the line and the splendor of the colors.”

As if by magic, her creations transport us to dream-like East, where forms and colors evoke mysterious minarets, the cupolas of the Greek Orthodox churches and the sacred colors of ancient Egypt in turn.

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The great bleu

Wevill likes to work with blues — especially the deep blue called “Egyptian” and the turquoises that she associates with gilding — and copper in her sandstone creations. Over the years, her work and her taste for “magnetic” colors have become her trademark.

contemporary ceramic artist

Blue bottles, trio

contemporary ceramic artist

contemporary ceramic artist

Usually cooked between 1060 and 1240°C, her creations are enameled with bright colors and a base carbonate of barium, pigments, cobalt, and copper. The pieces are then decorated with carefully painted patterns using real metals such as gold, copper, and platinum, and recooked in the oven to achieve a third-fire effect.

ceramic art

The result is art that vibrates with the power of the color blends, the rhythm of the patterns and the brilliance of the gilding. Creations that attract and captivate the viewer’s eye according to the desire of the creator. “To create an object that provokes emotions by the brilliance of its colors and metallic reflections is for me the greatest source of wonder and satisfaction.”

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