When Kukun founder and CEO, Raf Howery set out to create a “home renovation marketplace” and change the industry, he didn’t go into it blindly. Howery has completed renovations in the US and Europe, including an overhaul of the Mountain View, California, home he and his wife Lin purchased in 2007. The family spent three years transforming the 1938 two bedroom, one bathroom ranch-style home, making sure that every part of it reflected their tastes and worked for their lifestyle, and enjoyed their personalized home until they sold it in 2013. Here are the before and after home renovations (with cost) for that house.

Before and after home renovations: Addition

During the first year, the family spent a year on the addition that nearly doubled the size of the home, which grew from 950 sq. ft. to 1,944 sq. ft.

Before renovation

before renovation

After renovation

Outdoor Home RenovationPhotographed by Blu Skye Media

The addition features a master bedroom and kitchen, and a family room that opens to the garden.

Bedroom before renovation

bedroom renovation

Bedroom after renovation

bedroom remodelPhotographed by Blu Skye Media

Family room before renovation

home makeover before and after

Family room after renovation

Living room renovationPhotographed by Blu Skye Media

Before and after home renovations: Kitchen

During the second year of the renovation, the couple worked alongside the carpenter to create their ideal kitchen in a “French country” shade of gray. During this time, the family lived with two kitchens – the old one near the front of the house and the new version in the addition. “It was a conversation topic for all our visitors,” Howery said, “But we were happy. We were on a mission to build this house piece by piece, dollar by dollar until we got to our destination. After all, isn’t life all about getting to a destination and taking the journey?”

Kitchen before renovation

kitchen remodel

Kitchen after renovation

kitchen renovation

In the final year of the renovation process, the old part of the home was remodeled, wooden beams were added to the ceiling, new cherry hardwood floors were installed, chandeliers were purchased, and antique French furniture was moved in.

In February 2015, Kukun launched its estimate feature, which uses the first-of-its-kind algorithm based on local labor costs, project scope, finish levels, industry knowledge, and myriad data reports to generate home improvement project cost estimates. We put the tool to use, using info from Howery’s 2007 renovation and compared the results with actual costs.

With Kukun’s personalized home renovation estimate feature, users can provide specifics about their projects to get a more accurate cost estimate and make informed decisions. Here’s what we did for the Mountain View home:

raf's reno screenshot 1 raf's reno screenshot 2

Totals from Kukun’s Personalized Estimate feature: $246k

Actual spend: $260k, with $10k in roofing that could not be estimated with the tool, making the results $250k (minus roofing) actual spend, and $246k estimated using Kukun’s tool.

Whether you’re renovating your entire home like Howery or simply conducting some minor upgrades to your bathroom, it’s important to have an idea of your project’s scope and cost. “We were so prepared, and that really is the key,” Howery says of his Mountain View renovation. With Kukun’s suite of tools, you can arm yourself with the knowledge you need for a seamless transition from house to personalized home. We hope these before and after home renovations helped you get the basic idea.

Have you completed a home renovation? We’d love to hear your story. Send us a message at contact@mykukun.com and you could see your story published on our blog.


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