Get your apartment summer-ready by undertaking some simple home improvements to enhance your living space and make it more energy efficient. Now is a great time to take advantage of the warmer weather and get started on those jobs you’ve had on your to-do list throughout winter.

What kind of simple home improvements are we talking about? Nothing too extensive, rather simple things that are quick and easy to implement, such as, energy efficient features to reduce your power bill, simple ways to update your kitchen and bathroom and how you can refresh your decor without breaking the bank.

So set aside a free weekend and get started! Only tackle DIY improvements if you have the skills, for some jobs it’s easier to call a professional to do the work. Keep reading for more ideas!

1. Introduce Energy-Efficient Windows

double pane windows

If you want to save money on your energy bills, then installing energy-efficient windows is one of the best home renovation solutions. Double pane and triple pane glazing can save you 35% on your heating and 45% on your air conditioning bill.

Energy-efficient windows can prevent furniture and carpet fading, helping your rooms to retain their appearance for longer. They’re also efficient in blocking out street noise, allowing you to sleep better.

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2. Install the Right Cooling System

An aging air conditioning system won’t save you money on your power bill, nor will it add value to your apartment. Installing a new cooling system is another simple home improvement, especially with summer around the corner, will not only make your apartment a more comfortable living space, it will appeal to potential buyers and assist in reducing overall energy costs.

3. Install Ceiling Fans

ceiling fan warranty

A good Energy Star-rated ceiling fan can also keep your power costs down this summer, by reducing the need for air conditioning. Ceiling fans can be a decorative addition to a neutral room and there are a variety of styles and colors on the market. Best of all it’s a quick home renovation improvement that doesn’t involve too much time and effort.

4. Paint the Interior 

Summer is the best time for applying a fresh coat of paint to your apartment’s rooms because you have more sunlight hours for the job and the paint dries more quickly. It’s also one of the easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up its appearance. A new paint job will mean you have to prep the walls and patch up any holes, but we sure these were on your to-do list anyway!

5. Install a Security System

how safe is my neigborhood

If you don’t have a security system, then installing one yourself or through a security company is a prudent move. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your possessions are safe when you’re away for vacation this summer, and home security is very important to potential buyers too. You may also be charged less for your home insurance if you tell your insurance company that you’ve installed a security system.

6. Kitchen Renovation

quartz countertop kitchen sink

Considering a kitchen renovation for summer? This is a wise move, as the kitchen is one of the rooms that will give you a good return on investment. There are lots of home improvement ideas that don’t involve extensive remodeling, such as:

  • Painting cabinets with high-quality white semi-gloss
  • Swapping out hardware like pulls, knobs, and tapware
  • Updating the fridge/freezer
  • Adding new task lighting & under cabinet lighting
  • Adding a cool splashback
  • Replacing old flooring.

Adding storage is also one thing you should think about for your kitchen, especially if it’s lacking in this area.

7. Bathroom Renovation

Do lights in a bathroom need to be GFCI protected

Likewise, a bathroom renovation is a smart move, but can quickly end up costing you a ton of money if you’re not careful. A mini makeover is the best way to go for a summer-ready bathroom. Bathroom improvements you can make include:

  • Adding a new vanity top
  • Replacing old tapware
  • Painting walls and cabinets
  • Adding a new mirror
  • Replacing old flooring
  • Repairing/replacing old tiles
  • Adding indoor plants.

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8. Refresh Bedroom Decor

Does your bedroom need a makeover for summer? You don’t have to be an interior decorator to undertake a simple bedroom renovation. From interesting artwork and funky furniture to trendy lighting and faux animal rugs, there are lots of ways you can transform your bedroom into an inviting space you’ll want hang out in this summer. Check out these before and after bedroom makeover photos for some inspiration.

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