Whether you have one or many children, you know they come with their fair share of belongings, and storing it all can be a challenge. As the furniture, clothing, and toys mount up, you’ll need to get creative about how you organize all of these items. Here are six storage solutions for kids’ rooms, which will help you easily keep everything neat and tidy.

1. Canvas bins

These bins are perfect for items that may not necessarily need organizing, such as stuffed animals or matchbox cars. You can toss them into the bin and place it out of sight – under the bed or on a top shelf of a closet. Best of all, canvas bins are lightweight, meaning they’re easy to maneuver as needed.

2. Built-ins

If you’re remodeling your child’s bedroom, you may want to consider consulting a professional to install built-in shelves and cabinets. This can save space – instead of bringing in a dresser or cabinet, the storage will be built right into the side of the room. It also has a more natural look and feel than a new piece of furniture.

3. Shelves

When you’re seeking a quick way to solve your storage woes, look up. Your walls may have enough room for you to install shelves, which are ideal for storing a wide range of items. Whether you want to house a collection of dolls or school-made art projects, shelves are the perfect solution. Just remember to keep sturdiness in mind during the construction process – you don’t want these items (or the shelf itself) falling apart and posing a safety hazard.

4. Decorative baskets

If you aren’t feeling the old canvas bin solution, you can get creative with your storage solutions. There are several types of decorative baskets out there that can be used in your kids’ rooms – mesh and woven baskets in a variety of colors can add character to any space. Artists and designers also have creative, fun storage solutions, such as Guus Oosterbaan’s Robox line.

5. Toy box

The classic toy box is a must for any child’s room in desperate need of storage. A large chest not only holds items like stuffed animals, but old clothes and seasonal items, like raincoats. Best of all, they give the space a vintage feel while serving a practical purpose.

6. Cubbies

Another throwback solution that still works today is the standard cubby. Your kids might already have cubbies at school, so they’ll be very familiar with the concept at home. Cubbies give you easy access to frequently used items while keeping them off of the floor when they aren’t in use. They can also be one of the more eye-pleasing storage solutions when you have toys or crafts you want to display.

Keeping your kids’ rooms tidy can be a chore, but the end result can be something you’re pleased to look at if you choosethe right storage items. These six ideas will give you a launching point during your redecoration process.

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