There’s no doubt that working out relieves mental stress, improves mood, and even helps induce good sleep. However, if you’re unable to visit your local gym — especially during the pandemic — the next best thing to do is to design a gym at home. If you do not have a dedicated space for it, you needn’t worry. There are many small home gym ideas to inspire you. 

And to help you some more, our in-house architect has created practical home gym designs that will stimulate you physically as well as mentally. After all, having a convenient workout room right in the comfort of your home will make it easier for you to stick to a routine. 

Our expert has great small home gym ideas that are functional, comfortable, and convenient. Such workout areas will help you save time and expenses in the long run.

Home gym requirements

According to our architect, for a small exercise room, you’ll require a minimum space of 8.20ft x 8.20ft. The height of the home gym will depend on the exercise equipment or the machinery. However, the minimum height should be 7.87ft. If you plan to use Olympic size weights and heavy workout equipment such as an exercise bike, you’ll require a gym area of 9.84ft x 9.84ft with a minimum height of 8.20ft. 

Additionally, you’ll need space for good circulation as well as storage solutions to keep the small home gym orderly and functional.

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Apart from these, you’ll want to soundproof the area, use a protective floor, and invest in safe as well as sturdy furniture.

And, yes, don’t forget a wall-mounted full-length mirror to admire your hard work as you sweat those calories away. 

Small home gym idea one

Small home gym blueprint
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Purpose: Calisthenics exercises, cross-fit, yoga, and weights

Let’s understand the floor plan of this multifunctional area. The right side is meant for workouts and has a built-in bench in the shape of an “L” at the back. And, the right side has room for storing gym equipment as well as gym accessories. There’s a rest area for your pre-and post-training.

The architect has added shelves on the upper right side (2.95ft x 01.97ft x 4.92ft) as well as floating shelves to store accessories such as towels, jump ropes, elastic bands, yoga mats, foam rollers for post-training, gymnastic rings, gloves, or items of clothing. 

Moreover, the gym has good storage space to keep all the items such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and parallel bars. The expert recommends an under-the-table rack measuring 8.53ft x 1.97ft x 3.28ft tall. Good storage will allow the space to look orderly and help to optimize every corner to the fullest.

  • Dimensions: 11.48ft x 10.17ft
  • Total area: 116.79ft²
  • Height: 8.20ft
  • Circulation: 1.97ft to 2.95ft 
  • Preferred location: The main floor, the basement, or the garage space 

The views

Front view

Front view of small gym
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Left side view

Left side view of small home gym
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Rear view

Rear view of small home gym
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Right side view

Right side view of small home gym
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The gym decor

The interior design has been kept modern and minimalist keeping the small space in mind. There’s a 4.92ft wide and 5.41ft high mirror with a 4.92ft x 0.98ft x 1.31ft table or bench under it.

The color palette is simple with white walls and ceilings — with a dark brown door frame. Our architect recommends medium and dark brown wood for the shelves and ledges. The protective rubber flooring helps to avoid heavy impact and general wear and tear. It even aids in minimizing the noises.

The artificial lighting is through LED lights. Additionally, there’s a window (4.59ft x 3.28ft) to let in the fresh air and natural lighting.

gym bars front view
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The walls with their striking black and white design are the most outstanding decorative elements of the exercise space. 

Gym sign for small home gym
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

You can add pegs and racks to keep your accessories. And, of course, enliven the area with small potted houseplants. These will add variety, color, and warmth to the space.

Small home gym decor
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Small home gym idea two

Second layout for small-gym
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Purpose: Weight training and calisthenics

  • Dimensions: 11.48ft x 10.17ft
  • Total area: 116.79ft²
  • Height: 8.20ft
  • Circulation: 1.97ft to 2.95ft 
  • Ideal location: Main floor or basement

The room has two spaces, one for working with weights and the other for body training. In this gym design, everything revolves around the power cage and the weight bench, which are located in the center of the left wall. 

There’s floor space to keep the large discs, dumbbells, a gym ball, and plyometric drawers.

The power cage is ideal for small gyms as it allows for various types of exercises. Additionally, you can use elastic bands for your pull-ups, squats, and other exercises. 

The decor

The architect has put up shelves measuring 3.94ft x 0.98ft to keep lighter accessories. There’s a 5.25ft wide mirror that helps to make the area appear bigger and better. To keep the gym flooring shock-protective in nature and to reduce noise, the architect recommends rubber or interlocking EVA foam mats.

For the walls, you can have moldings, wallpaper, or a color that stands out. The decor can be complemented with wall art — all the while maintaining a minimalist style.

A 4.59ft window in the center of a wall at the back lets in good natural lighting and ventilation.

Home gym idea three (medium dimensions)

Third layout for small gym
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Purpose: Weights, cardio exercise with bike and CrossFit, and yoga

  • Dimensions: 20.18ft x 10.50ft
  • Total area: 211.83ft²
  • Height: 8.20ft
  • Circulation: 1.97ft to 2.95ft
  • Preferred location: Main floor or basement

The access to this gym room is through a sliding door that helps to optimize maximum space. On the left side, there’s a dumbbell rack, a raised ledge of 0.98ft x 9.51ft for lightweight items. Furthermore, there’s a closet of 11.65ft, a built-in seat of 4.10ft x 1.97ft, and good storage of 3.77ft x 0.98ft.

On the right side of the exercise area, we have a 6.56ft long window for natural ventilation. And, at the bottom, there’s a shelf of 6.89ft x 0.98ft. You can complement the area with indoor plants. The flooring can be kept in a single color. 

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Last thoughts

Keeping up with your fitness goals is important. Especially during these difficult COVID – 19 times. So, if you do not want to step out of your home, why not design a small gym or workout area right in your house? You can use any vacant space near your living room, home office, or that spare room. 

A home gym can be convenient and comfortable. And, with the right small home gym ideas, you can create a stunning exercise space even in the tiniest of houses. Our architect’s gym designs will provide you with great options, and make your next workout session productive as well as enjoyable.

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Note the hooks with the title “gym”, what a clumsy design, but it is adorable … now I always recommend aligning the bench to press perpendicular to the widest side, because the bar is the one that needs space, never the other way around. ..