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You might have not been aware of this before, but moving house is not just about clearing out your old place and moving into a new home as soon as possible – there are plenty of crucial factors that go into a successful move. One of the most important is actually prepping the new place for your arrival and transforming it into a proper home before you’ve even positioned the sectional in the living room. Let’s take a look at the essential renovations that need to take place before moving day comes.

Inspect the structural integrity of the house

Firstly, there can be no move without a thorough inspection of the entire property. While you should have covered this step in the procurement phase, there is a need to give the house another thorough check-up before you move in, and fix, improve, or completely renovate the most critical areas.

You might find that the roof needs a quick touch-up, or that the wood on the porch is cracking and should be replaced, or discover a number of small problems you need to take care of right now, because if you don’t, who knows when you’ll get around to it. Chances are, you won’t.

Insulate walls, ceilings, and windows

Proper insulation goes a long way, and it can not only help you minimize your expenses down the road, but also protect your home from unfavorable weather conditions. You can start with the roof, and insulate it properly so that it keeps the heat out during the summer months and in during the colder seasons. Move on to the doors and windows, and finally consider insulating the walls for maximum protection and energy savings – your wallet will thank you in the long run.

Plan your layout just right

One of the most important elements of a happy family home is its layout, or how well everything fits together to create a liveable, enjoyable, and spacious setting every family member will love. Apart from the possibility of knocking down a wall or two to create a beautiful, open space, you should also consider how your furniture, amenities, and décor will sit in the existing space.

For this purpose, you can ask for professional advice and moving help from genuine moving experts, as the guys at City Removalist, who can position everything in the new place according to your liking as well as advise you on the best layout for your needs and available space. Remember, knowing where everything goes can shed hours and days off the whole process.

Upgrade heating, cooling, and ventilation

If you’ve insulated the property, chances are you won’t even need to turn on your HVAC system that often, except in the hottest of months, but you still need to have proper heating and ventilation in place. Go for natural airflow wherever you can, and install ventilation systems in rooms without windows such as the basement, but also in areas where more air is required, such as the kitchen, and perhaps the bathroom.

Repair and improve electrical and plumbing systems

Plumbing and electricity should rank high on your “before I move in” to-do list. In fact, don’t move in before all electrical systems have been inspected and repaired, and before you know for sure that the plumbing network is functioning the way it should. You want to enjoy the moving process, which can be difficult when there’s no light in the kitchen and the bathroom sink fails to cooperate.

Don’t forget about proper security measures

Last but not least, property security is a major point you shouldn’t skip, especially because you’re the newcomers in the neighborhood and thus easy targets for local home invaders just waiting to catch you off guard. To prevent any unpleasant scenarios, be sure to install proper security measures well-before you move in, such as an alarm system, security cameras, window locks, and motion sensor lighting.

Moving house should be a fun and exciting project, which you can only achieve if you plan ahead and spruce up the new place in expectation of your arrival. With these renovation tips in mind, go ahead and give your new home the final touch-up it deserves.

Smart Renovation Tips Before Moving into a New Home    was last modified: July 2nd, 2020 by Lillian Connors