While a deck is essentially an outdoor space, a lot of homes design the deck to be a continuation of the home’s indoor theme. In fact, in a lot of cases, decks become the ideal outdoor entertaining space, especially during the spring and summer months.

If your home has a second-story deck, we’re sure you’d love to be able to access it both from the inside of your home and directly from the outside as well. And for that outside access, no staircase will serve you better than outdoor spiral stairs. 

In this short read, we’re going to tell you why we think spiral staircases are an awesome fit for outer decks.

Advantages of spiral staircase outdoor decks

spiral stairs in deck

They look great

An outdoor deck spiral staircase looks a lot nicer than a regular, boring staircase does. Not only can you buy an elegant-looking staircase straight out of the box from a manufacturer, but staircase designers will also help you customize your spiral staircase to fit with your home’s architectural theme for a fee. 

They save space

The wrap-around design of all spiral staircases makes them a space-saving option. This means you can comfortably employ them even if you have limited space for your yard or deck.

This smaller footprint also means you have the freedom of being able to install it anywhere and use it to access multiple floors. You will no longer be limited by locations.

Spoilt for choice

Material choices for spiral staircases vary from wood to steel, powder-coated aluminum, wrought iron, or even a combination of metal and wood. 

These are available in a variety of colors and finishes, and almost always come with matching deck railings, so you are quite literally spoilt for choice.


staircase in deck

Most manufacturers make outdoor spiral staircases with weatherproof and maintenance-free finishes, including anti-slip plates. Even the wood staircases are built to last between 15 and 35 years on average. 


The average cost of an outdoor spiral staircase is between $1,000 and $2,000. This means it is most often more affordable than other options. They are also very easy to install. This makes professional installation a lot more affordable as well. However, a lot of manufacturers claim that two adult homeowners can easily follow instructions and install one themselves, which means you can even save on the labor charges.

DIY installation tips

While the design of the spiral stairs you choose may differ, the basic components remain the same in most cases. Here are some installation instructions along with the components.

  1. The pole of the staircase is the primary support for the structure. This is anchored to the floor using a bracket that is bolted down to the floor, while the top is freestanding.
  2. The treads of the stairs use brackets to connect to the pole, and can easily be screwed into place once they are slipped into position from the top of the pole.
  3. The vertical members that attach to the outer edge of the treads are balusters. These serve the dual purpose of connecting adjacent treads to each other and providing support at the outside edge. Balusters can be screwed into their slots manually. 
  4. The landing is attached at the top of the stairs as an extension of the deck itself. You may need to cut a hole into the deck floor around the same size as the landing stair or platform to attach this.
  5. Finally, the handrail is attached to the top of the balusters, finishing off the installation.
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