As fascinating as it is to look at a marvelous, well designed high rise building, it is equally important to consider the aspects that make the building look so awe-striking. Such buildings require extensive planning, rigorous brainstorming over making the right designs, hiring the right people for the construction and then bringing together the finest brains to do the decor. Well, even this is prima facie as there are many more details attached to this topic which do not even meet our eyes. These high rise buildings become the symbol of luxury and the social class. It is not just our homes, our offices are also now brand advocates of this luxury and have become the representatives of the modern work culture, where employee satisfaction and comfort are given utmost importance.

One of the most striking features of these multi-story buildings is their appearances! Well, a lot of time is given to this aspect also as according to business strategies, what looks good to the eye, can be sold off easily as well! Everything that is a part of the exterior of these buildings is paid attention, especially the windows. It is common to see the corporate office buildings having an all-glass exterior and the residential apartments having well designed, beautiful windows. If you are a real estate player or have stepped in the construction business, then you must have complete knowledge about these high rise luxury buildings and also about the crucial window installations.

Here is the guide to window installation in case of high rise buildings:

Deciding the design and style

Depending upon the kind of building you are constructing, be it a corporate office or a residential multi-story building, you must decide first what kind of appearance you want to have. Residential buildings have a lot more to do when it comes to windows as compared to commercial buildings but the most crucial thing is to know which kind of style and design you need. It should be in accordance with the rest of the decor, should be uniform and must add a highlight to the design of the building. There are high rise buildings which have a complete glass exterior and there are buildings who have uniformly designed window installations on all the floors. Pick your choice.

Decide the purpose of the window

Once you are done choosing the kind of design that you would want for the windows in your building, you must know in which all places the windows are to be installed and what purpose they will serve. If they are just for the appearance, or they have to be strategically placed to be the source of light in various rooms or any other use. The buildings that use windows as a part of the external decor, also make sure that they are placed in a way to let sunlight in. You may now also use your glass windows as sliding doors in doorways. For each purpose served by the window, the design has to be the same, but the dimensions differ.

Decide the material and color of frames  

After the styling and design are decided, it is time you figure out the color of the frames and window panes and of the windows as well. Whether you want your windows to have a metal frame or a wooden one, you must choose that according to the decor scheme of the building. Choose colors that complement one of the walls and that make your windows the focal point of your decor. Whether the windows are the traditional sash windows or the casements that are a substitute for walls, or the top or bottom hinged awning windows, take the help of your designer to choose the right color and material.

Getting the right team for installations

Once all the above are decided and the designated place for the installations are ready, it is time for you to find the right people who can help you complete the process of installations. You will require cranes which can be hired from services like Lift Mini Cranes Limited, skilled workers who can do the work with perfection on each floor and services who have ample experience in this field. All in all, a lot depends on the windows of your buildings and they must be installed perfectly.

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