Welcome to 2016, a year that will be filled with – well, whatever is on your resolution list, or lamenting that you haven’t checked things off your resolution list. If you’re planning on renovating your home this year, good news – media outlets are abuzz with tips and tricks to help your renovation go as smoothly as possible. They all seem to have one thing in common, however: whether looking to up your home’s eco-friendliness or going for quick improvements that make a big difference, having a strategy makes the difference between “Why did I do this?” and “I’m so glad I checked that home renovation off my to-do list.” That’s why we’re dedicating part of this week’s link roundup to some of the great advice we’ve seen around the web lately. And, of course, doling out some of our own advice for home improvement enthusiasts who aren’t sure how to make their abode more awesome in 2016 with our New Year’s Home Resolutions Checklist.

For eco-friendly folks, magnolianews.net advises a strategy of researching and number crunching before you fall down the solar, wind, or water energy rabbit hole. According to the article, “A recent White House report noted that the average cost of a solar electric system has dropped by 50 percent since 2010 and that federal agencies are working to make it easier for lower-income taxpayers to borrow up to $25,000 for solar and energy-efficient home improvements.” Sounds great, right? Of course it does. But before you decide if options like solar energy are right for your home and lifestyle, go through each item included in this article (including the do-it-yourself energy audit from energy.gov).

If considering house flipping this year, Washington Post columnist Justin Pierce has some advice for developing your renovation strategy – and he’ll walk you through his first-hand experience flipping a rambler last May, so you can see the thought process behind a few different strategies.  

If your renovation strategy is simply “Don’t mess it up too badly,” the Daily Herald has you covered with a list of the most common mistakes made during home renovations. That list includes not establishing a budget (and if you need some help figuring out how much money you need to put aside, we know about a handy dandy online cost calculator you can use for free) and overestimating your DIY abilities.

Speaking of DIY abilities, check out the Huffington Post’s piece about home renovations you shouldn’t do yourself, and which ones you can do well on your own. The article uses a Zillow Digs survey, in which homeowners were asked about the projects they’d done on their own and how they felt about them. See which ones they regretted and how many went over budget before you decide whether or not to hire a contractor.  

If you’re looking for some inspiration from DIYers who’ve done it right, check out the top 10 finalists in the DIY contest that Stacy Risenmay, of the Not Just a Housewife blog, is hosting. Bloggers shared their incredibly impressive projects and a panel of judges narrowed the pool down to the top 10, with projects ranging from a beautiful farmhouse-style kitchen to a super-cool kids’ room. Now, it’s up to home renovation enthusiasts like you to pick the winner. Feast your eyes on all of the projects, get inspired, and cast your vote.  

Come across something interesting that you’d like us to know about? We’re all ears. Share your favorite interior design, real estate, home renovation, and architecture news with us in the comments, or send us a tweet.

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Shane Myers
Shane Myers

Hey Sheree. Just found your roundup here…Strategy is the Key to Any Successful Home Reno. Great stuff! I recently published an article on 11 Tips for Buying Blinds , it might be good fit? I will put url below. Either way, keep up the awesome work! 🙂 Cheers Shane

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hill climb racing

not only home renovation but also everything else needs strategy to succeed