Jeanne-Marie Aas, aka Neoyookaï, is a French-Norwegian glass artist. Based in Oslo, she experiments with different techniques, including stained glass, a traditional activity which she deals with a contemporary approach. In her creations the artist promotes the introspection, playing with patterns and transparency, declining mysterious universe and enigmatic female figures.

Glass, source of experimentation and inspiration

Neoyookaï soon discovered an interest in creation; when child she played with metal wire and glass beads. At 20 she decided to take evening classes in painting, ceramics and styling. She discovered a passion for creating clothing but could not imagine the fabric as the material that will allow her to express her creativity.

stained glass art

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It is through research that she discovered the stained glass work. She joined the famous International Center of stained glass of Chartres, France, where she follows extensive training.


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With glass, the young artist finally found her favorite material. Hard, fragile and transformable to infinity, glass is also a source of inspiration and reflection. Neoyookaï develops a personal approach on which she apprehends the creation of stained glass with an unconventional method; she experiments using glass associated with multiple materials such as metal.

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In 2009, Neoyookaï opened her workshop in Oslo. Within her studio she experiments with the constant desire to move or to question the spectator. In her latest creations, she wants to break away from the compartmentalized appearance of stained glass and seeks ways that will enable to bring volume and depth to her creations. She works in layers, playing with space and using very clear glasses to create scenes that highlight some enigmatic female characters.

In 2016, the artist joins the “Fragile Fashion” project. On the occasion of the Fashion Glass Show at the Corning Museum of Glass (NY), Neoyookaï makes a dress entirely of stained glass, a project that allows her to address her passion for clothing again.

neoyookai working on stained glass

Neoyookaï working on her stained glass creation

Always looking for new techniques and unedited know-how, Neoyookaï visits numerous glass workshops to hone her skills. After trying cold working, kiln forming, pâte de verre and some glass blowing she recently decided to do further studies. She is now starting the Nordic Program at Riksglasskolan, the National School of Glass of Sweden.

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