The studio Saperlipopup was born from the meeting of the intuitions of two young women: Elodie & Lauranne. One is a designer and the other specializes in the study of behavior. Together, they design and distribute modular contemporary furniture pieces to suit all tastes.

Elodie & Lauranne

Elodie & Lauranne

The design of the instinct

It is on the school benches that Elodie Thibault Cussight and Lauranne Lavernia met. Driven by common passions such as decoration, fashion and travel, and after their own professional experiences, they decided to found the Studio Saperlipopup.

Based in Lyon, the design studio since 2013 develops customizable and scalable furniture.

Elodie studied architecture and works as a designer. Passionate about beautiful materials, through her work, she translates the emotion into the object while intending to multiple uses. As for Lauranne, it is the societal and behavioral analyzes that have led her to consider the design as a powerful path of wellness.

Saperlipopup is the combination of these two views, a mixture of inspiration and the will to develop a sensible and living design thought for the daily life of its users.

“Design provokes a spark that makes possible the exchange between the object and its user. Our priority is to create to fit the needs of everyone”

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Changing furnishing without changing the furniture

Elodie & Lauranne want to offer a new dynamic to the decoration by offering a range of furniture of adaptable aesthetics. Like jewelry and clothing, furniture fits easily now all tastes and needs.

In 2014, during the Paris Design Week, the studio launched its collection DUEL. Composed of modular elements, DUEL tables offer a wide choice of materials and colors. The surface of each table consists of an assembly of slats with varied finishes which the user can replace and swap according to their desires and the decoration.

To get the best quality, low DUEL tables are created in France by craftsmen with recognized expertise.

With its success, Saperlipopup participates in major events of the French art world, such as “Le Carrousel du Louvre” in 2014 and the International Design Biennale of Saint Etienne. In 2015, the studio exhibited in Paris at the Grand Palais on the occasion of the exhibition “Revelations”.

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