It’s a tale as old as time – well, as old as the process of home buying, anyway. Prospective home buyers generate a laundry list of must-haves, weigh them against their budget, and then usually find something that’s a happy medium. Or they only find homes that are in need of some TLC, hear the word “renovation,” and decide this isn’t the right time to buy. They plan to save so that they can have a bigger down payment, watch for interest rates to change, or want to work on their credit so they can be approved for more money. Whatever the reason, they walk away. Sometimes they return to the same real estate agent. Other times, years go by and they get a new recommendation for someone to work with, or just plain forget who they were talking to oh-so long ago.

This story is changing – and having the right technology can help you convert claims that “it’s just not the right time” into commissions. There are many options on the market, and it’s important to select one that can alleviate as many renovation fears as possible.

Renovation is scary

Helping your clients see a house’s hidden potential could result in the perfect place for them, and more sales for you. However, many potential homeowners struggle to see past a closed-in dining area, outdated carpet, or lack of modern features. Additionally, home renovation just seems like a hassle, with a lot of unknowns. lists the “big five” renovation fears that nearly every homeowner has about renovation: crooks, money, disappointment, disruption, and control. No one wants to get involved with a shady renovation professional, have unexpected costs push a project over budget, be dissatisfied with the results of a project, be inconvenienced, or feel like they’re not in the driver’s seat while walls are coming down in their home. These fears keep would-be homeowners from purchasing properties that could check every box on their wishlists, and keep real estate agents from making sales.

How technology is helping homeowners and potential buyers

There have been many articles written about how technology is assisting homeowners envision what their spaces could look like after renovations. Some generate renovation cost estimates based on square footage, which provides a start, but not much more than that. In order to truly squash the fears of reno-weary potential homebuyers, real estate agents need technology that helps with the entire renovation process – from creating custom estimates to completing a renovation on time and on budget.

AOL Real Estate’s Paula Rant lists letting cosmetic things get in the way of a potential purchase as one of the biggest mistakes in home buying, yet it happens all the time. She advises, “Tiles and cabinets can be changed. What you want to look at are the bones of the house. Will it meet your needs? Does it flow well? Does it have enough space?” Even though real estate agents can say these same phrases to their clients, and stress points about a home’s great location or recommend a renovation professional, it can still be tough for some potential homebuyers to see past the surface.

Something different

Fortunately, there’s a way to alleviate these fears. Kukun is a platform that makes home renovation hassle-free, simple, and transparent. We have a suite of services that make us different from other products on the market. Instead of only assisting homeowners with one part of the home personalization process – be it estimating the cost of a renovation, connecting homeowners with industry professionals, or providing inspiring photos – we offer tools to help with every step, and make the process transparent from start to finish.

We’re here to help homeowners, and are on their side, first and foremost. This also makes us a helping hand to real estate agents – you can direct your clients to a platform that is trustworthy, knows what their concerns are, and puts them first.

Our company was born out of home renovation projects, so we know that the process can be terrifying and usually comes with a lot of unknowns. Users can find information and inspiration with our articles, and save the things they like, minimizing the risk of costly surprises, disruptions, and hiring the wrong professional. With the ability to clearly communicate specific tastes or visions, users can get the results they desire.

We work closely with professionals in the home construction and home improvement industry to develop our proprietary algorithms used to estimate home renovation costs. We take a home’s location, the scope of a project (down to the last nail), and local labor costs into account in order to provide accurate estimates, making it easy to budget for a renovation. After creating a detailed project plan and receiving a personalized cost estimate, homeowners can use our Quote Request feature, a standard RFQ template that makes it easier to compare bids from different renovation professionals, and get started on their dream space.

Kukun for real estate agents

For real estate professionals, our products can be useful in three main ways:

  1. Use our suite of tools to help your clients envision what a home could look like with a little TLC. Imagine touring a house, and then being able to sit with your clients and help them get an idea of what kinds of projects could improve that house, and how much they will cost.
  2. Help clients see their home as an investment. With Projected Home Value, you can also show your clients how different home projects will alter the value of a home, so they can decide which projects to take on and realize the value of properties as investments.
  3. Make an impact with a printout. We offer the option to create a printable PDF that makes renovation information easy to present. Maybe you already know that your clients will want to remodel a certain part of a house, or create an addition. Now you can prepare, and give them the information they need to see how a house could perfectly fit their needs.

With Kukun’s help, it’s easy to help your clients see past an outdated kitchen or too-small bathroom. By removing the mystery surrounding home renovation, you can help skittish potential homebuyers unlock a property’s potential, and create their dream space. Explore the suite of services that we offer at, or contact us at for more information.

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