Anne Fontaimpe is a young textile designer based in Nancy, in northeastern France. She specializes in modern embroidery developed on a range of supports to create cushions, accessories, tables and light boxes.

The meeting place between graphic arts and modern embroidery

A graduate of design school, and passionate about textiles and their possibilities, Anne Fontaimpe turned from mass production to focus on the quality of her unique creations. Based in France, she conceives of and makes textile items for the modern home.

modern embroidery

Her creations are resolutely contemporary and are as much a call to the delicacy of hand embroidery as to the vivid colors of serigraphy, or silk screening.

Fontaimpe is passionate about industrial landscapes and power structures, and continuously explores the boundaries between reality and interpretation in order to tell a story: her poetic and bucolic landscapes are covered with construction cranes, towers, and clouds.

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Anne Fontaimpe's modern embroidery

modern embroidery

“I seize neglected landscapes to reinvest them with the delicacy of the seam and the great graphic freedom possible using serigraphy techniques. The patterns presented consist of fragments of landscapes that I transcribe to provoke a curious meeting between gigantic subjects and the thoroughness of modern embroidery.”

In her embroidered creations, wire replaces the pencil. The lines are sometimes stiff and angular, which contrast with soft materials such as cotton or wool.

Anne Fontaimpe's workshop

Anne Fontaimpe's workshop

With constant attention to detail, Anne Fontaimpe explores creative techniques and materials, experimenting in the workshop that she considers a laboratory. The products, both warm and shifted, seek to meddle in our interiors, sliding visual, tactile and poetic fragments into our daily life.

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