Thanksgiving is all about being grateful. The day is about expressing your heartfelt gratitude for the sense of belonging that your family and friends provide. Keeping that in mind, it’s important that your home gives off that same cozy vibe to your guests. And, that your Thanksgiving decorations too reflect the happy sentiments. 

In this article, we’ll help you warm up your dining room with some budget-friendly, easy Thanksgiving decorating ideas. Most of these DIY decorating ideas are such fun to create that even your children could pitch in. After all, this day is all about being together, right?

From Thanksgiving-appropriate centerpieces, innovative place cards, and table decor to gratitude trees, dried foliage, and other rustic accents — these Thanksgiving decorations will highlight everything you love most about the season and your life. 

The decor ideas will really make your dining room shine with their inviting, unique look. So, shall we begin?

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1. Set up a gratitude tree

Here’s a project that’s perfect for a beginner as well as an expert-level crafter. Prop this DIY gratitude tree on your dining room wall and remind your guests of the true meaning of Thanksgiving. 

This wonderful tree lists out all the best things in life — be it positive virtues, names of your favorite family members, and other blessings. Encourage your family and friends to jot down what they’re most grateful for and add the placard to the tree. 

All you need for this Thanksgiving tree are some colorful chart papers, strings, thumb pins, and a bit of creativity!

2. Personalize the place setting for your family and guests

Table place cards

We love this simple yet powerful Thanksgiving decoration idea. These place cards aren’t just adorable; they hold a meaning too. Each plate has its own memo with a few blank lines — whereby every person has to fill in all the things that they are thankful for. 

The beautiful cards are the perfect way to express what’s in your heart. You can ask the person to read out their list if they wish to. We think this idea truly celebrates the spirit of Thanksgiving. 

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3. Let a bright potpourri enhance your Thanksgiving decorations

Bright potpourri

You can use bright (read fall-season orange) potpourri of flowers to decorate your dinner table or dessert display. Just place these inexpensive arrangements in a jar or spice tins and let your dining room brighten up some more. 

Feel free to use jars of varying heights, sizes, and designs — just make sure that they feature autumn’s rich reds, bright oranges, and golden hues.

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4. Make a statement with a turkey-shaped flower vase

It doesn’t get more whimsical than having a flower vase in the shape of a turkey! You can easily get this kind of vase in your local home decor store. With such a Thanksgiving decoration, you don’t require any other decor idea. 

Create an autumnal display of beautiful blooms in shades of orange, red, and purple. Add a special touch to the floral arrangement with green foliage, a pillar candle, and a bottle of wine. Place the vibrant vase anywhere and add beautiful colors to your Thanksgiving dinner.

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5. Keep it simple with miniature wreath decoration on each plate

Thanksgiving is incomplete without a wreath — even on your plate! This simple yet classy Thanksgiving decor idea features a miniature DIY wreath made from the foliage. Place the decoration on every plate. The table setting will look perfect as the green of the wreath contrasts the white of the crockery. 

We also love how the cake pops on a cake stand offer a colorful (and delicious!) diversion. 

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6. Create a Thanksgiving corner

Here’s a nifty decor idea. You can create an attractive Thanksgiving corner by putting together a lovely serving platter (in the shape of a turkey, no less!) a thankful tree, flower decor, and some baby pumpkins. Move the arrangement to a buffet table or a coffee table nearby. This way, you can free up your dinner-table space for your Thanksgiving meal. 

We love how bright paint colors have been used to list out all the blessings on the platter. From family, health to good food — you can name them all here. 

7. Bring in some Thanksgiving nostalgia with a basket full of assortments

You can make your Thanksgiving a time to reminisce with the family with a basket full of your favorite things. We love how this collection of objects, which hold a nostalgia, have been put together in a metal basket. A hand-woven spider that your little one was scared of, carrots that your teenager refuses to eat, your grandma’s rubber chicken that you just couldn’t chew…you get the drift, right?

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8. Decorate dried foliage in a kettle

Dried flower bouquet

Get inspired by the fall foliage and decorate your dried (not dead, mind you!) flowers, bushels of wheat, berries, branches of holly, crab apples, corn husks, pine cones, etc. Just go “shopping” in your backyard and you’ll definitely find some real hidden jewels. Use your old kettle to give the dried bouquet a loose, fanned-out look.

Since a dried arrangement has a staying power that fresh blooms can’t quite match, you can put together your bouquet days before the festivities. This way, you will get to focus on roasting the perfect turkey on the day of Thanksgiving. 

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9. Design a wicker turkey centerpiece

Here’s another DIY project for the season of solidarity and love — a napkin holder that’s been crafted using basic materials. The wicker turkey with a tin head and tail feathers add a wonderful rustic accent to your Thanksgiving spread. 

10. Create a fall bunting

Thanksgiving streamers

You don’t need to dole out a lot of money on creative Thanksgiving decorations. This streamer, for instance, is made to mimic the greenery of your choice. All you need are some pieces of cloth or colored paper, strings, and drawing skills. Cut out these leaves, make them into a bunting, and decorate your living room walls.

This way, you bring in the outside beauty — without bringing in the unwanted bugs and pests. 

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11. Add in color to your food layout

Thanksgiving food layout

Finally, here’s a Thanksgiving decoration that’s complete in itself — the food layout. This Insta-worthy Thanksgiving spread brings together all of the holiday’s finest, including beautiful candles, stylish wine glasses, and the colorful food.

We love how the rustic table adds a lovely touch to this extravagant spread.  


If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving feast this year, you probably have a lot on your mind already. Between carving the turkey and baking the pie — you don’t want to be hassled with ostentatious Thanksgiving decor ideas. right? So, even if hiring a professional interior designer is not on your list, you needn’t worry. 

We’re here to make it a lot easier for you with these simple and budget-friendly Thanksgiving decorations. We hope they delight your entire family — from the youngest to the oldest member of your family. And yes, Happy Thanksgiving!

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