Shower chairs are great for those persons who are either crippled or disabled and hence cannot stand on their own while showering. However, many people have not received the required value or degree of satisfaction they ought to. This has mainly been occasioned by the fact that they are ignorant of the steps and best practices needed to leverage these wonderful chairs.

In our conversations that follow, we are going to highlight and showcase some of the nine top mistakes people make while utilizing these showers. By the same token, we are also going to look into the ways and means of avoiding those mistakes altogether.

1. Placing the seat on a shaky posture

Many a shower chair user do neglect the posture of the seats. They do not pay attention to the level of the legs to see to it that they perfectly align and are level. This is dangerous as it may make the chair to easily rock or trip in the course of showering.

To overcome this issue, you have to ensure that the seat is level and that it does not rock. Test it by shaking it violently after setting it up. See how it responds to the shakings. If it wobbles or slides, you might have to redo the installation.

2. Putting the shower gears out of your convenient reach

shower handles

Most people who use shower chairs are unable to stand and balance on two feet unaided. However, they also place the other shower gears like bathing soap, shower gels, and sponges out of their reach. This beats the very logic of using the shower chairs in the first place.

As a general rule, always gather all the shower gears in one place. Place all of them within your easy reach, typically at an arm’s length. This way, you will not have to strain or struggle to stand as you access them.

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3. Making too many sudden movements

In most cases, the shower chairs are not so strong and reliable. They are easily impacted by sudden movements and fidgeting. When subjected to such movements repeatedly, the end results may often mean breakdowns and unnecessary damages.

You want to avoid such issues as much as you can. To do this, do monitor your movements. Avoid making too sudden movements within shorter durations. Consider also strengthening the bonds and joints of the chair from time to time. This will also enable the chair to withstand great impacts for longer.

4. Adjusting the chair height improperly

Before making use of the shower chair, you have to customize it to your unique specifications. Chances are that you might not always set the chair to the required standards and dimensions. This too might jeopardize your enjoyment and utility of the same chairs.

You should hence ensure that you adjust the height of the chair in such a way as to be able to sit or stand easily. Also, take care of your unique problems. This is to mean that the settings you implement have to line up with your conditions.

5. Fixing the shower legs in a sloppy position or levels

Apart from seeing to it that the chair is firm and does not fidget, you also have to take care of the level or slope of installation. In case you place the chair in a sloppy position, it might normally be tricky for you to sit comfortably.

This is not to mention that you will easily slip and fall off especially when the chair is shaken slightly. You should thus place the legs in a level position and contact with the floor. Fasten tightly to prevent the possible loss of firmness.

6. Cluttering your bathroom

chair and shower

Even after placing the chair in the right stature and position, it is still necessary to take care of the entire bathroom environment cluttering your bathroom may often lead to the same risks you would encounter when using an inappropriate chair or fixing it in the wrong position.

Clear your bathroom of any obstructions which may make you stumble, fall or sustain unnecessary injuries. Keep only those gears and tools which are necessary for bathing. Leave out any other thing which may not be needful.

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7. Sitting carelessly on the chair

The exact manner which you choose to sit on the shower chair can make or break the situation. As noted, most shower chairs are delicate as they are not designed for ordinary sitting. In particular, you are supposed to take note of the distribution of your weight.

Refrain from sitting at the edge of the chair. This might normally tip the chair and lead to your fall and subsequent injuries. Instead, place your two butts at the center of the chair. Spread your legs apart to distribute your weight and ensure maximum stability.

8. Using the wrong kind of shower chair

As explained severally above, these chairs are designed for different kinds of persons and issues. It is, therefore, necessary to match the two parameters for maximum experience and outcomes. To do this, you will, first of all, ascertain your condition.

Through the help and support of a doctor, go ahead to find a chair which is designed to handle your specific problem. Take care of your height, weight, and the size or configuration of your bathroom. These will definitely have a bearing on the kind of comfort and convenience you are most likely to derive.

9. Neglecting other safety considerations

Just like with every other piece of equipment, the shower chairs are governed with a host of rules and regulations. These regulations also matter as they have a bearing on the kind of experience you might possibly obtain from the chair.

Place the slip-resistant safety mats underneath the chair for added stability. At the same time, use the appropriate towels to wipe off the excess moisture on your feet. Lastly, put on the right kind of slippers to prevent stepping on the floor with bare floors.

Final verdict

Definitely, there exist tons of other possible mistakes you might possibly make with the chair showers. To be able to guarantee maximum experience, you want to dig deeper and find out these other possible mistakes in advance. It is only then that you will be able to enjoy your use of these wonderful pieces of furniture.

Having said that, it is also important that you help others keep off similar mistakes in their use of these chairs. Do share with them this article. Remember also to incorporate these tips into your next usage of the shower chair.

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