The future of smart homes is here and has been here for a while now. It ranges anywhere from voice control to internet integration; from green energy saving systems to security upgrades. The potential of the home is expanding into otherworldly, new territories.

Forgot to turn the lights off at home? No worries, your smart home can take care of that. Need a recipe on the fly? No reason to hunt one down from the pile of recipe books you rarely look at. Just use your voice. There are endless possibilities to the future of smart homes. Some are for convenience, others are money savers, and some are just plain fun!

Home Virtual Assistants

smart home devices

It seems that every major company has taken their turn at releasing these portable smart home systems. There’s Apple HomePod, Google’s Home, and Amazon’s Echo to name a few. These little guys claim to act as an all-in-one entertainment control; they bring to life the dream of being able to use your voice commands for various tasks.

Play music. Calculate this. Search for that. This tech has existed inside of our phones since Siri made its charming introduction in 2011, and who wasn’t amused by Siri’s snarky remarks to insults? However, keep an eye on your kids. One little girl bought herself an expensive dollhouse using nothing but voice commands.

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Energy Saving Systems

Not into virtual assistants? The most economical approach to the smart home is through automation. Many homes already have these – your lights go on and off and set times every day, meaning you never need to worry about them. Automation, however, can go much further.

What if, when your smoke detector goes off, your home automatically opens all the windows? This can be done through automated window actuators. What if you could set your home so that it becomes as energy efficient as possible; so that your windows opened to let a breeze in when the temperature outside is ideal? Same deal. The world is going green for a better, happier tomorrow.

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Smart Security Systems

The theory behind this is great. Left the house, but forgot to put the alarm on? No problem – set it remotely. See who comes and goes from your house. Know that your children are back home safe. There are many pros to these systems. For the most part, you’re protecting your home from break-ins. Even if a thief were to break in and steal something, you have a picture identification of him! The downside, however, is that hackers can attack and hold even large firms for ransom. These smart security systems need to be vetted and chosen upon carefully.

With all new advances come new challenges. Soon enough every bug will be worked out, and Virtual Assistants won’t be quite so dorky, becoming something integral to your at-home experience (at the very least, no looking around for the remote). Energy saving systems will lower costs and emissions, and security systems will get smarter and more secure. Soon, we won’t know what we ever did without them!

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The future of smart home is very bright due to these voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, HomePod and much more yet to come. People now love to use the smart speakers and want to control every little thing with their voice now.