Thibault Lafleuriel is a young contemporary artist who excels in glass blowing art. Installed in Alsace in northeast France, he creates artistic series of objects, sculptures, and installations modeled using heat and then silvered. A true passion for the worlds found under the sea was born in Lafleuriel after meeting a team of oceanographers. Under the surface of all his works, he is drawing inspiration from fantastic and strange oceanic beasts.

Thibault Lafleuriel working

The discovery of glass blowing art

It was after studying applied arts that Thibault Lafleuriel found himself driven toward working with glass. Fascinated by the plastic possibilities of this material, he decided to fully devote himself to it and studied glass blowing art and hot sculpting techniques.

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glass blowing art

glass blowing art worshop

After several glassblowing experiments in prestigious glassworks such as Saint-Louis, Lafleuriel completed his training at various glass centers and joined the International Glass and Visual Arts Research Centre in Marseille.

glass blowing art

Still amazed by the technical possibilities of this “magic” material, Lafleuriel has been developing his personal artistic approach for over 13 years. Inhabiting a dream world and inspired by the universe of childhood, he tries to give a tangible consistency to his memories and fix fleeting ideas into matter.

Rich in symbols, his creations are based on soft lines inspired by a refined geometry. “I seek above all simple forms that make you want to smile or invite you to meditate,” explains the artist.

Beauty under the sea

Plankton Works glass blowing art

The glassmaker met a team from the oceanological observatory of Villefranche-sur-mer at an exhibition in 2014. Through his contact with these scientists who specialize in the marine realm, Lafleuriel discovered strange and mysterious new worlds. On the microscopic and macroscopic scale, flora and fauna evolve with timeless beauty in a silent ballet.

Fascinated by these organisms that seem straight out of a dream, microfauna and microflora are Lafleuriel’s main source of inspiration and reflection. He chooses glass as the medium to best capture the reflections, transparency, and fragility of living structures in a series called “Plankton Works“.

glass blowing art creations

Inspired by real and fantasized forms, these creations suggest more than they show. They seem to pass between our reality and another, more mysterious dimension, prompting us to question our perception of the world.

Since 2015, the young glassmaker has had multiple collaborations and exhibitions, notably at the International Glass Art Exhibition of Zwiesel in Germany and the prestigious contemporary art fair Résonnances de Strasbourg in France.

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