Technology has made it easier to do a number of things, especially in the area of home improvement. You can now get an idea of what your renovation will cost instantly, and discover what it will look like with the help of a 3D Room designer. Using these room design tools is simple if you take a three-step approach.

1. Gather the numbers

To start, you’ll need the dimensions of the room you’re renovating. Sites like Sklar Furnishings let you start with a standard, preset floor plan or you can come up with a custom one that’s tailored to your specific project.

online room designer

Some 3D room design tools, like this one from Sklar Furnishings, let you create a custom-shaped room or choose a common template.

After that, you’ll need the dimensions for the big pieces you’ll be including. Measurements for any and all windows, doors, and built-in features are a must. If you’re redesigning your kitchen, for instance, you can input the exact measurements of your future countertops. You can even go so far as to visualize what your furniture will look like in the space, so get measurements for that too.

2. Tweak it

Move things around until you’ve found the perfect location for every aspect of your room. With an online room designer, you can scrap the project and start again whenever you feel like you need to. Try out some seemingly daring ideas, explore different cabinet layouts, and just have fun. The sky’s the limit as far as the types of layouts you can achieve, so why not try everything? You could end up with a totally surprising plan and a completely unique room as a result.

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3. Consider the finishes

Planner 5D’s online tool lets you render your room in photorealistic HD, allowing you to make every decision necessary before purchasing any materials. You can see how everything is going to look, from flooring and lighting to the art on the walls. Getting as detailed as you can will add a whole new level of confidence to all of your renovation decisions.

room designers

Tools like this one from Planner 5D walk newcomers to 3D room design tools through the process.

We like to try before we buy with all sorts of things these days. Technology has finally allowed us to easily experiment with our homes before making a commitment. Starting with a 3D room design tool can take a lot of the headaches out of the renovation process, and allow you to get creative, risk-free.  

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