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When moving into a city and finding your first job as an independent millennial, one of the first thing you should have in mind is to have a place you can call home. However, not all of us are fortunate to have a hefty trust fund, and have to make do with a small apartment. It’s hard to live in a shoebox, but you don’t have to put up with the disconcerting space between your walls. Use these tips and tricks when trying to supersize your bedroom.

Mirror Magic

Putting large mirrors, some as large as floor to ceiling, can definitely trick the eye into thinking there’s a bigger space by doubling or tripling the existing space through reflection. Mirrors come in a wide array of shapes, styles, and sizes. Finding one that is right for your space is a thrifty solution.

Some urban apartments do not have windows, or the ones they do have stay perpetually closed due to privacy concerns. Using framed mirrors can mimic windows, and look especially nice when backlit. Adding a hanging lamp can also brighten up the room while natural light isn’t available.

One Color, Different Hues

Neutral or monochromatic colors can help make a room look less busy and more spacious when compared to eclectic colors. Although there’s a considerable amount of “eclecticity” that works well with small spaces, it may entail a lot of design strategy to pull off.

Start with the lightest hue on walls and floors, then work your way darker into furniture and accent pieces. Any major disruption in color (dark green bedding in a beige-neutral space) can become the center of distraction in an area. Becoming an unintended focal point disrupts visual fluidity in the space.


Couch in bedroomPixabay

Stripes and Prints

Striped wallpapers, carpets, or wall art can add length and height to your apartment space. Carefully consider if these elements will blend in well with your chosen color palette or the shape of the apartment space when using this kind of print. You don’t have to emphasize the length of a rectangular room. Like the dark green bed in the previous example, bold stripes can either add length or become an eye sore. Keep it neutral, blending in well with the overall palette of the room instead of contrasting.


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Legged Furniture

Floor space is obviously a crucial element when determining furniture selection. Bulky, antique pieces can immediately make a room feel cluttered and cramped. Having furniture with legs like those of Scandinavian armchairs reveal floor space, adding a sense of visual fluidity to a room.

Legged furniture can make the floor look like there’s a lot of walking space compared to non-legged pieces. Visual recognition of the connection between floors and walls immediately make a space seem twice as large.

Convertible Furniture

Innovations in furniture design have enabled those living in small apartments to make the most of the available space by using “convertible furniture”. The use of hydraulic technology has managed to make a single room morph into three or four areas.

A studio type apartment can now have the functionalities of a normal sized house with a complete set of rooms, including space for 5-10 people, an impossibility even a few years ago. Examples of these are: A cabinet or shelf with hidden foldable beds, a table that can be dissected into foldable chairs and hung like a wall art, a large painting that can be pulled down and used as a table, and the list goes on..

Well-fitting Furniture

Furniture that fits snug in a corner will leave more space for necessities and make an area look clean. However, avoid significant numbers of small furniture pieces. These pieces can work well in small spaces, but one signature furniture might be all you need to make your space look less busy, and bigger.

Sometimes it’s too hard to shop for the perfect bed that fits well in your tiny space. Imagine the difficulty of getting a huge bed frame to your 8th floor flat without an elevator, only to find out it doesn’t fit well in your room.

Fixing these troubles is why IKEA became a household name. Custom built furniture work well when it comes to fitting functional furniture in shoebox corners. Some IKEA options even have built in storage, decreasing clutter and making your room more organized.

Another furniture hack you can try in a cramped space is see-through furniture like Lucite tables and chairs. It’s an illusion that makes you believe there’s more space when there actually is none.

An intelligent interior design can install as much functionality as a normal-sized home while making the most of a tiny space. Take these tips and fool the eyes of your guest.

So, what are you waiting for? Supersize your bedroom today!

Tips and Tricks for Supersizing your Bedroom and More! was last modified: July 6th, 2019 by Raffy Marabut

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