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Timber flooring is one of the most accepted types of flooring which has gained more recognition across the world because of its long-term benefits. Timber floorboards are now every home maker’s first preference. In spite of their extensive initial cost, there are some factors and other add-on benefits which make them so desirable. People get them installed in their house because they are low maintenance as well as add beauty to the house. These floorboards are available in different types of timber woods, and one can choose as per their requirements. The most attractive feature of such kind of flooring is that they retain their beauty and authenticity over the ages, that is, they look as good as new even after decades of installing such floorboards.

One of the major advantages of such flooring is that they do not require any special attention or assistance when it comes to repairing and maintenance. These floorboards can be easily cleaned regularly or on a daily basis without any hassle. Even though they require minimum maintenance, they do need any inspection as a little bit cleaning of them is enough to keep them in good condition for a long period of time. It is very easy to do such type of cleaning and this is done to avoid excess moisture and dirt layers and to avoid any scratches or damages which are caused by dragging furniture across the floor. To avoid all of this, you can follow 

Tips and Tricks Which Can Help You Take Care of Your Timber Floorboards Efficiently.

cleaning timber floorsPhoto by pixnio

  • Make sure that the mop you use is not too moist. A very moist mop might damage the upper layer of chemicals on the floorboards which are meant to retain its beauty and durability. However, to avoid such damage, you should make sure that the mop is very slightly moist so that the floors can dry easily, and no damage is caused to the timber floorboards.
  • It is important to ensure that your floor is well polished and furnished. Generally, a top coat of a water-resistant chemical is preferred by most homemakers. However, solvent polyurethane is also considered as an alternate option. Water-based polyurethane is preferred widely as they are less toxic, which means less risk and also, they dry quicker than other chemicals. Wax and tun-oil are also used as other alternatives.
  • One simple and easy way to clean your precious floorboards is to wipe them with the mop in the direction of the wood grains. In this way, the dirt which is embedded in the grains can be cleaned off easily and quickly, making your cleaning process more effective and efficient.
  • It is advisable not to use mops on timber floorboards which have been quoted with wax. If done, you may freshen up the chemicals or the polyurethane which might be harmful or cause damage. Also, it is advised not to use any harsh or strong chemicals on the floor like bleach, ammonia, vinegar and so on as they can become acidic and make the floorboards look dull and damage their evergreen beauty.
  • It is advised not to use a steam mop on the floors as well. If done, the moisture might penetrate into the wood, causing cupping and other damage. To use steam mops, it is advised to get in touch with a professional to do the job.

Thus, these are a few tips and tricks, which should be considered proper to retain the look of timber floorboards for long and maintain them over time without any trouble.

Few Tips to Consider When Maintaining Your Timber Floorboards was last modified: October 6th, 2019 by Joel Borthwick

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