Do you want to breathe some new life into your backyard? Or do you want to encourage your family and friends to spend more active quality time together? Why not build a cool backyard sport court? This is a great idea that can not only provide you with hours and hours of solo play or friendly competition but also boost the value of your property. Interested? Here are a few things to consider.

Consider your surfaces

Depending on the sport, your court’s foundation can be made of concrete, asphalt or compacted materials. Asphalt is less durable than concrete which can last many decades without repairs, but both require heavy equipment for laying and create a non-porous barrier that will create standing puddles. Removal of such courts is also difficult. On the other hand, compacted materials require less equipment, are permeable but not so durable. Once your base is made, you can opt for a sports modular surface to be laid upon. This layer will absorb shock and minimize injuries, especially on the compacted material base. It’s also portable if you decide to remove it.

Inspect your space requirements

Your backyard space must be big enough to fit your court, that’s logical, but you also need an adequate buffer between you and your neighbor’s property. There are some deed restrictions you might want to check out before you start any work. You don’t want to crowd your house or your patio either. The land you’re building on should be leveled for most sports.

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Settle on a sport

Most commonly, people choose to make a basketball or tennis court in their backyard. These are relatively small (when compared to some other courts and fields) and can also double for both. Add a basketball hoop on each side of your tennis court, add appropriate markings and you can enjoy both games. With some modifications, such courts can also be used for volleyball, badminton, hockey, and shuffleboard.

If these sports are not your style, you can opt for something entirely different, like a golf course. This one is really easy to make, especially if you’re opting for a mini version for your kids. Just put some holes in your lawn, make sure your grass is cut neatly, create some obstacles and you’re done! And golf is a game that every single member of your family and friend group can play and enjoy, even the youngsters. Check a few online reviews and grab some golf toys for kids and soon you’ll have a few little Tiger Woods’ in your family! Golfing is not just fun, but also great for developing concentration, patience, and coordination, so it’s a great exercise for developing kids.

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Consider the costs

While your mini-golf course might cost you next to nothing (some flags, balls, and clubs) other courses are much more expensive. A half basketball court will set you back between $6,000 and $10,000 depending on the customization levels. A full court that can double for tennis and soccer will go into tens of thousands of dollars.

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Landscaping changes

Any type of sports court or course will require you to make changes in your landscaping and drainage. If you need to remove things like boulders or trees from your property, expect a lot more work and higher expenses (and some loss to the aesthetic value of your backyard). Your court will also probably affect the way your backyard drains. If you can, make sure to check with your local government whether there are some laws concerning water runoff—many governments require a certain percentage of your property to be permeable. If you opt for a concrete court, you will also need to make your backyard accessible to builders and installation crews. Temporary removal of your fence might be required to gain access.

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Seek permits

Before you start building anything (except for a golf course that doesn’t require any excessive changes to your backyard) make sure to seek proper permits. Check with your local authorities and your homeowner’s association in order to ensure everything is legal. You might need to provide them with a detailed design plan along with your permitting fees.

No matter what sport you choose or how expensive you choose to go, you’ll provide your family and friends with some healthy fun. There’s nothing better than a friendly game of hoops or a relaxing round of mini-golf during the summer! And just imagine having that in your own backyard!

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