Bathrooms increase the value of a home. They can do wonders to your modern interiors. A well-designed bathroom will not only look fresh or stylish but it will improve the quality of life and home appeal. Small narrow bathroom renovations are less expensive but are more challenging to design than bigger bathrooms. A small narrow bathroom ranges from 18 square feet to 50 or 60 square feet. One of the best narrow bathroom ideas is to use decent quality free standing tubs to save space. If you or your family does not take many baths, then you don’t need to include a bathtub; use that extra space for a large storage cabinet or a double vanity instead. Here are some creative design tips and ideas to help you design your narrow bathrooms.

1. Choose small bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities are one of the fastest, easiest and more satisfying bathroom makeovers you can take on. When comparing to other cabinets, you will see how easy they are. Even small bathroom vanities can be designed in a modern way and change the look and feel of the whole bathroom. Here are some vanities for your inspiration.

bathroom trendsPhoto by designmilk on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

barh design ideasBathroom complete by Juhan Sonin [CC BY 2.0]

2. Install a mirrored, recessed cabinet:

Another huge bathroom space saver is a mirrored recessed cabinet. It looks like a cool flat mirror but it has a hidden storage that can be around 5 inches deep. These types of cabinets come in various widths and heights and can act as a great storage space. Below are some good examples of a mirrored recessed cabinets, one with a sliding door and the other installed in the corner of the bathroom wall.

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