Garden trends for 2018 will permeate every corner of outdoor spaces, from small patios to spacious backyards. Whether you want to design a peaceful natural oasis or give your backyard a more luxurious look, 2018 garden trends offer a world of inspiration, featuring diverse and playful designs.

Asymmetric designs

Although symmetrical designs feature a harmonious, balanced look, gardens in 2018 celebrate playful asymmetry. By incorporating different elements in an asymmetrical way, you’ll give your outdoor space a modern flair. The garden flooring will feature large-scale, asymmetrical paving patterns made of natural stone in combination with lush grass surfaces. Asymmetry will also characterize garden landscaping, accentuating soft lines instead of structured edges.

Alfresco dining area

Outdoor kitchens are an old trend that will be reinvented in 2018. While outdoor dining areas used to be nestled right outside the house for convenience, in 2018, they will be moved further into the garden for an authentic appeal and tranquil ambiance. Not only will you be able to entertain your guests under the open sky, but you’ll also be able to relax surrounded by nature, which will add to the appeal of your outdoor kitchen. You can enclose your dining space with lush plants and illuminate it with subtle, intimate lighting.

Natural and textural finishes

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While natural finishes will give outdoor spaces an organic appeal, textural finishes will add depth and interest to your garden. Texture can be implemented through garden flooring by using unrefined stone. Cobblestones will feature intricate designs of rounded patterns and linear lines. The contrasting texture will feature different gloss levels that will create a stunning effect in an outdoor haven. Another popular finish will be self-patterned textures that will introduce a sense of craftsmanship to a garden. As for natural finishes, timbre will have a new, interesting look, with clear, natural and slightly stained coats replacing heavy, dark paint.

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Diverse plant species

Nature will be under the spotlight in garden design for 2018, transforming outdoor areas into true natural oases. Whether you have a spacious garden or a small balcony, you can experiment with different plant species, from exotic flowers to edible gardens. Not only will plants bring peaceful natural energy into your garden, but they will also work as mesmerizing statements.
You can transform a succulent container garden into an accent detail, plant an exotic tree as the focal point in your backyard or introduce colorful, unusual flowers for a playful look.

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One of the popular species will be euonymus oxyphyllus, a type of Korean shrub that features an elegant look and emerald green leaves. Not only will the exotic nature of this shrub add to the appeal of your garden, but it will also embellish it with colorful fruit that resembles cherries in the summer and yellow, bronze and red leaves in the autumn. However, ecological gardens that consist of native and drought-resistant species will also be encouraged as a way to protect the environment and create an enchanting outdoor space.

Cosy fire features

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Stylish fire features will elevate the décor of outdoor areas while also creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. While certain features, for example, tiki torches, will help you introduce a specific style to your garden, others will set the tone of elegance and sophistication. Fire pits will definitely be one of the most popular fire elements, embracing both functionality and style. By introducing a cozy fire pit to your outdoor sanctuary, you’ll be able to create an intimate ambiance, keep yourself and your guests warm on chilly nights and illuminate your space without turning on the lights.

Luxurious pools

Patio pool

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For those who want to style up their backyards, stylish pools are one of the most attractive options. Not only will this water feature create a soothing environment, but it will also enable homeowners to go for a refreshing swim right in their own backyards. In addition, by opting for well-designed inground fiberglass pools, homeowners will make a long-term investment since the fiberglass material is more flexible and durable than concrete.

When it comes to pool styles, homeowners have a variety of options depending on the general design of their backyards. While pond-like pools will add an organic touch to your garden, an infinity pool design will create a luxurious look worthy of luxe boutique hotels.

Outdoor lounge rooms

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Lounge areas in gardens will exude relaxation, tranquillity, and comfort in 2018. In addition, they represent an attempt to recreate the indoor comforts in outdoor spaces. From sunken lounges and daybeds to comfy pillows and layered throw covers, these lounge areas will help homeowners unwind and relieve stress. For a private experience, you should consider enclosing your outdoor room to escape from the rest of the world at least for a while.

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Garden trends for 2018 will bring asymmetrical, textured designs, cozy features, and diversity, transforming your outdoor space into the favorite part of your home.

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