“I am very passionate about gutters”.  That is not something you hear very often and probably for good reason.  People would probably look at you strangely if you were to proclaim this from the rooftops.  However, there is a reason why a few companies are making millions from just selling house gutters.  The reality is, that once you up your gutter game, your house is going to stand out immensely. House gutters are the number one overlooked piece of home design.  So without further delay, here are a few reasons why people are fools for overlooking gutters.

1. Gutters Outline Your House

Ever taken a stroll through some neighborhoods on Christmas Eve and seen that beautifully outlined house with Christmas lights?  It was probably one of your favorites huh?  Anyone who has taken a basic Art 101 class in college learns the principles of outlines (often called contour lines in the art).  Outlines are the very basis by which artists start their piece.  By this logic, it would seem inconceivable that people wouldn’t focus on this in their exterior design.  Gutters are the closest thing to an outline that your house has.  For that reason, you should give it a great deal of attention.

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2. Interesting Gutter=Interesting Exterior Design

Gutters can absolutely make your exterior design pop!  If your gutters are a bit darker than your paint or your tiling it gives your home a very distinguished look.  Many people make the mistake of leaving their house gutters white and although that is fine in a lot of situations, it is just plain boring in others.  If you really want the edges of your house to stand out, then you should paint your gutters.  In addition to this, many people fear to add decorations to their gutters which is another big mistake.  Just take a look at some of these images:


Gutters that are a few shades darker then the roof tiling are perfect and these 4 houses know that.

Gutter decorations are a must.


These are just a few examples of what gutters can do.  If you really want to see the power of gutter décor, check out this pinterest board I made for this post.

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3. Overlooking Your House Gutters Will Lead to Money Out of Your Pocket

This section is extremely important and vastly underrated.  What most people don’t know is that gutters need to be cleaned every spring and every fall.  Gutters are simply overlooked and it leads to an unexpected expense.  The worst thing that can happen for any design lover is to have their home design damaged because of improper maintenance.  In addition to this, overlooking your gutters is one of the most common reasons that home foundations are damaged.  There is a reason that there are companies that make bank off of gutter cleaning and similar services.  It’s because people simply just disregard it.  Other problems that can arise because of improper maintenance are:

  • Discolored Siding
  • Chipped/Damaged Siding
  • Ruined Landscape Design
  • Cracked Walkways
  • Ice Patches
  • Basement Flooding
  • Rotten Fascia Boards (Wood Siding of Your House That Your Gutter Connects To)

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So what is the solution?  Clean your gutters.  Buy a gutter that has a leaf shield so that leaves don’t clog up your gutter.  Get a gutter scooper from a local hardware store ($25) or even use your kid’s sand scooper.  Get in there and get dirty so you can protect your beautiful exterior designs.

In summary, house gutters are often overlooked in exterior design.  They are the closest thing to an outline your home has and because of that, they have the potential to give your home a huge pop which is what every designer dreams of.  Additionally, gutters are overlooked when it comes to maintenance.  Everyone cleans their windows and their furniture and all of their other design-wear but seldom do people remember gutters and for this reason, homes can easily be damaged.

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