When it comes to your bathroom remodeling, keep in mind that whichever types of toilet you’re thinking of choosing, the basic idea is to flush down and dispose of the solid waste in the most convenient way. You must choose the best type of toilet in terms of design, style, and flushing technology.

If you’re overwhelmed about the myriad of choices for a toilet on the market, don’t be. We will list out the most popular ones for you based on different parameters such as toilet type, toilet style, flushing mechanisms, toilet bowl types, etc. You can peruse through the list and select the type of toilet that’s perfect for you and your home.

Just keep in mind that while considering the various choices, you have to think about the efficiency of the toilet, your location, the size of your bathroom or half bathroom, plumbing system, mode of sanitation, style of your house, the number of people using the toilet, and of course your budget.

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So, let’s begin with the types of toilets from around the world. 

Types of toilet based on waste disposal technology

When it comes to buying a new toilet, the first thing you need to consider is the toilet type based on the flushing technology or the kind of method it uses to flush down and dispose of the waste. Here are your choices. 

1. Gravity-feed toilet

Gravity-feed toilet

Photo by Freepik

A gravity-feed toilet is one of the most common types of toilet. As the name suggests, it uses gravity to flush down the solid waste. Its working is simple — there’s a toilet tank to hold the water. As you press the flush valve, the water drops down into the bowl, utilizes a siphoning action, and then pushes the waste through the trapway.

It’s this motion of the flush and design that help clean the bowl. The good thing about such a toilet is that it has a quiet flushing action, requires minimal maintenance (as it has fewer moving parts), and any repair work is easy.

2. Pressure-assisted toilet

Such a toilet has a powerful flushing action. As clear from the name, there’s a system of pressurized air that forces water from the tank into the bowl. Although a pressure-assisted flushing system is a lot louder than a gravity-feed toilet, it’s also much more efficient. 

All the waste is flushed faster and forcefully. Needless to say, the possibility of clogs is less common. If you have a large family and your toilet usage is high, this is a good choice.

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3. Dual-flush toilet

A mix of gravity-feed and pressure-assisted toilets, the dual-flush mechanism is increasingly gaining popularity. And, there’s a good reason. It has the option of using a half flush or full flush each time you want to empty the bowl. This kind of flush toilet system ends up saving considerable water.

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Interestingly, when you use a half flush, it clears the toilet with a gravity-feed system and is ideal for liquid waste. A full flush, on the other hand, clears the toilet with a pressure-assisted system — suitable for solid waste.

4. Double-cyclone toilet

Now here’s a type of flushing system that uses a minimal amount of water per flush but still has a lot of power. The technology is a bit different from other types of toilets. Here,  two nozzles along the rim of the bowl provide the flush. So, you don’t have the usual holes in the rim. These nozzles give a more efficient flush. 

While such a toilet does not save a significant amount of water with each flush, it adds up in the long run — making a big difference to your monthly water bill.

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5. Waterless toilet

When there’s a shortage of water or absence of plumbing, these kinds of self-contained waterless toilets are a boon. These units don’t use water or any flushing system. All the waste is simply collected in a receptacle that’s placed underneath the toilet seat.

While they are not common in permanent houses, they are ideal for worksites, camping sites, or as a temporary arrangement during home remodeling projects.

FYI: There’s a type of waterless toilet, called composting toilets, that promotes green living.

Types of toilet based on style

When it comes to toilet style, you have to consider the number of components or pieces in the toilet and whether it’s on the floor or mounted to the wall. Here are some of the best toilet style options you have.

1. One-piece toilet

One piece toilet

Photo by Freepik

A one-piece toilet is made from a single piece of material. No rocket science there! Such a toilet is mostly available in ceramic. It includes an integrated bowl, tank, and trapway. Most have a toilet seat as well. So, you don’t have to buy it separately. Of course, you can always update the existing one with a newer model. 

It goes without saying that one-piece toilet installation is quite easy — and so is its maintenance. Since there’s a seamless fit between the bowl and tank, toilet cleaning is easier too. Plus, such a toilet looks neat. 

2. Two-piece toilet

Two-piece toilet

So, there are two pieces that are assembled to create this type of toilet — a toilet tank and a toilet bowl. You have the option of buying these together as a set or mix or matching them according to your preferences. It usually comes without a toilet seat.

While a two-piece toilet is a tad more difficult to clean, it’s usually more efficient. Since you can easily replace either of the two components — it lasts long too. 

3. Wall-mounted toilet

Wall mounted toilet

Photo by Freepik

While wall-hanging toilets are more common in washrooms of commercial buildings, you can choose one if you so desire. For instance, if you have a small bathroom where space is at a premium, you can consider a wall-mounted toilet. It saves as much as one whole foot of floor space!

It includes a wall-hung toilet bowl and a flush plate. Here, usually, you can’t see the toilet tank as it’s hidden away behind a wall. Due to its streamlined design, cleaning it is very easy.

Types of toilet based on the flushing system

While considering the flushing type, you have the option of a single-flush, double-flush, and touchless flush. Let’s explore these in detail. 

1. Single-flush toilet

Here, there’s only one flush setting. All you have to do is press down on the flush valve to get it going. Every time you flush, you use the same amount of pressure and the size of the flush remains the same too.

The reason why such toilets are hugely popular is that they look very neat. And, they’re available in a wide variety of designs and colors. 

2. Double-flush toilet

It comes with two flush settings. For liquid wastes, just press down lightly on the flush button for a half flush. Press the lever more firmly for a full flush to dispose of the solid waste. Needless to say, a double-flush toilet is a more efficient option. 

The cons are that it’s more expensive and slightly more difficult to maintain.

3. Touchless flush toilet

This toilet flushes automatically when it detects that you’re done using it. It utilizes a battery-operated motion sensor on top of the toilet tank. Such a kind of toilet offers maximum cleanliness. And minimizes the spread of germs as you don’t have to touch the toilet during use. 

4. Flushometer

Tank-less toilet

This flushing mechanism is for tankless toilets. An ideal choice for commercial settings, it generates a higher flush pressure. A stronger flush also means a larger water supply. Hence, not many homeowners install a flushometer toilet. But if you have no shortage of water, you can choose this kind of powerful flush type. 

Types of toilet based on the bowl shape

Choosing the correct bowl shape for your toilet relates to the comfort of a toilet. You can select the best one that suits your personal needs and preferences. The most common toilet bowl shapes are elongated, compact elongated, and round-front. 

1. Elongated toilet bowl

Elongated toilet

Photo by Freepik

These are more or less oval in shape with added length. They are around 18 inches — almost 2 inches longer than a round bowl. The extra length, of course, makes the toilet seat more comfortable and appear more spacious.

2. Round-front toilet bowl

These round-in-shape toilets may not be as comfortable as the above kinds, but they do take up less space. A good choice for bathrooms with limited square footage.

3. Compact elongated toilet bowl

Compact elongated toilet

A combination of an elongated bowl and a round-front bowl — this type of toilet has the footprint of a round-front bowl with the extra seat space of an elongated bowl. An ideal choice for those who want the best of both worlds.

Types of toilet based on the trapway design

A trapway connects the toilet bowl to your home’s plumbing. It is this component that ensures the smooth functioning of your toilet. And that all the waste makes it to the sewer line without a problem or clogging. 

Although all toilets feature an S-shaped trapway, they’re available in different styles. You can choose between exposed, concealed, or skirted trapway.

1. Exposed trapway toilet

As the name implies, the S-shape is visible on the side of the toilet. And there are caps covering the bolts that attach the toilet to the floor.

2. Concealed trapway toilet

The S-shape is concealed — making the side of the toilet appear smooth. Low-profile caps cover the bolts that attach the toilet to the floor.

3. Skirted trapway toilet

Quite similar to a concealed trapway, this type of toilet has uniform sides from the base up to the toilet bowl — with no visible S-Shape. You can’t even see any bolts.

Types of toilet based on the kind of flush handle

Toilet handle

Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash CC0

You can even choose your preferred location and type for the flush handle. Here are some of your options:

  • Side handle: A lever or button is on either side of the tank.
  • Top handle: A button is on top of the tank.
  • Wall handle: A button is on the wall. These are usually used only for wall-hung toilets.
  • Touchless: A motion sensor is installed on top of the tank. You just have to wave your hand in front of it to flush.
  • Remote: Just press a button on a touch-screen or remote control.

Types of toilet based on dimensions or height

Toilet dimensions refer to the height of the toilet bowl and its seat. Keep in mind that toilet height affects your comfort level besides affecting the look of your toilet.

If you have a senior or someone with limited mobility living with you, you should consider opting for a higher toilet that requires less bending. Shorter toilets, on the other hand, are easier to use for small kids.

A toilet height can be broken down between these two options:

  • Standard height toilet which is a low-profile design with a maximum toilet seat height of 17 inches.
  • Chair height toilet which is a larger-profile design with a toilet seat at 19 inches (the approximate height of a chair).

Having said that, you can always get the custom height for your wall-mounted toilet. You can mount such a toilet anywhere from 15 inches to 30 inches to accommodate people of all sizes.

Types of toilet based on the kind of toilet seat

As most two-piece toilets come without a seat, you will have to buy one separately. Quite obviously you need to find one that matches the shape of your toilet bowl.

Also, when it comes to buying a toilet seat, make sure you choose one that matches your toilet’s color and complements your bathroom décor

Regarding toilet seat materials, you have the option of using plastic, polypropylene, cushioned vinyl, molded composition wood, and real wood.

You can also go in for luxury toilet seat options, including heated surfaces and deodorizers. Bidets with a warm water stream and warm air dryer are easily available too.

Few more types of toilets with additional features

Do you want a toilet that’s different from what the others are using? Consider a smart or an eco-friendly toilet.

1. Smart toilet

This type of innovative toilet easily redefines the meaning of a toilet — and what it can do. Most intelligent toilets feature a touch-screen control panel or remote. You can change the temperature of the toilet seat, customize cleansing settings, get the toilet to flush, and so much more. It even plays a song while you’re doing your ‘business’.

And such toilets, in spite of having so many features, look streamlined in design. Everything is concealed — giving it a sophisticated look.

2. Eco-friendly toilet

Eco-friendly toilets are water-efficient — restricting the amount they use per flush. In the United States, there are laws that state that all the newly installed toilets must use less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

The water-saving benefits will not only reduce your water consumption but also reduce your water bills. 


If you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation or adding a new one to your house, buying a toilet can be a daunting task given that there’s a vast array of options out there. However, you need not be overwhelmed by all the choices. 

We hope this article helps you understand each type of toilet. Make the most sensible choices in terms of toilet type, toilet style, flushing technology, and toilet design. Happy remodeling!

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Adam Golightly
Adam Golightly(@adamgolightly333gmail-com)

My aunt is thinking about getting some help for her bathrooms and getting some toilets with extra efficiency so that it can handle all six of her kids that are still at home. She would really like to get it from a professional so that it won’t get clogged as often. Thanks for explaining about how she can get a higher flush pressure from a higher water supply.

Nick Knack
Nick Knack

Thanks for all the information. Recently, I installing a bidet toilet for my new bathroom. I think they are a more hygienic way of going about things than the toilet paper method.

Warner Blank
Warner Blank

I never knew that a lot of commercial toilets have to meet the standard of flushing with only 1.6 gallons of water. My wife and I recently moved into a new house, and we want to make sure that we avoid any plumbing problems since our newlywed budget is tight. I will be sure to tell my wife that we should avoid flushing anything too big down the toilet so we can keep it running smoothly!