We pay an extra premium for the rooms we occupy when on vacation in an exotic location just for the view it offers. Viewing the garden or the oncoming traffic from the room could be interesting on a day to day basis. However, having tea outdoors can be even more exciting. You cannot deny the fact that an open space in the form of a patio or a verandah adds a welcoming feature to any building. However, it is also one part that cannot be put to use if it is not protected from harsh weather. Sometimes the reason for you not being able to use the space effectively could also be due to pests or insects. But the space can be safeguarded in a style from sun, wind, rain, and insects. Blinds are the most rewarding option to protect the space and use it in your yard fruitfully, without having to lose the view of the outside. 


The outdoor blinds come in different types and materials and have the capacity to block the sunrays, wind or rainwater especially, in hill stations, coastal regions as well as areas that witness strong winds often which could make outdoor spaces difficult to use. Apart from protecting open spaces you already have in the house using the blinds, the recent trend is to expand living spaces to enjoy being outdoors is fast catching up.

Retractable Patio Cover

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Types of Outdoor Blinds

The outdoor blinds are generally straight drop awnings that drop at a right angle and are used for areas such as windows, patios, deck, verandahs, and pergolas. The outdoor blinds used for windows actually help prevent the rainwater from splashing inside and also prevent the harsh suns rays from entering in. The awnings used are available in different types and sizes so that one can pick the right fit for their needs. Let’s learn about the different types of blinds:

 1. Cord and Reel:

These outdoor blinds are ideal for verandahs and pergola. They are very popular and are usually available in all fabric types. 

Patio Awning

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retractable awning

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2. Gearbox Operated:

The operation of the installed blinds is carried out by the handle that is hooked to the gearbox. The handle can be used to wind the awning up or down. They feature a clean finish and are easy to operate.

automatic blinds

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 3. Wire Guide:

These outdoor blinds are connected together with stainless-steel wire guide awnings. The wire guide facilitates the operations of the

awnings easily and also offers a close fit. It features a sleek and modern look. This type of blind is very popular because it is easy to use and can be used to cover almost all types of open spaces. The stainless steel wire used is a very high quality and is able to withstand even coastal weather conditions. These blinds can also either be crank-operated or motorized to ease operations.

 4. Channel Guide Multistop:

channel blinds

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These outdoor blinds operate on a spring tension system. The spring-loaded bottom portion of the blind is turned to lock and release the blinds in the position you wish. These blinds can be operated manually, but they do not have any messy cords and they sport a clean look. They also do not leave any gaps.

5. Vertiscreen:

vertiscreen awnings

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These are ideal blinds that can suit indoor as well as outdoor use. This is due to the special design these outdoor blinds feature a motor for easy operations.

Installing Blinds

Patio Awning Installation

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Patio Awning Installation

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You can avail a free inspection and quote by making an appointment with the best outdoor blinds and screen shops online or offline. Once the suggestions are made and the measurements are taken, you can start visualizing yourself enjoying in your outdoor space.

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