The weeks before your move to your new home will be fraught with stress and back-breaking work. But once you do get to your new home, don’t open a bottle of champagne and celebrate just yet. You still need to go through another time-consuming and exhausting process: unpacking and organizing all your belongings.

What is Valet Unpacking?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of unpacking all your boxes and setting up your possessions in your new home, invest in valet unpacking services. This is a service that top removals companies offer today.

With valet unpacking, you will have all your boxes unpacked and all their contents brought out carefully by the pros. They will then organize all your items per room and according to where and how you exactly want them placed or arranged.

4 Problems Valet Unpacking Can Solve

Below are the specific problems valet unpacking can help solve as you ease into your life as a new homeowner:

1.   Slow and haphazard unpacking of possessions

After a move, you will likely feel too tired and lazy to start opening and unpacking boxes. However, this is an unavoidable part of being a homeowner. After all, how can you sleep comfortably, cook, eat, and do all the things you normally do if all the things you need for such activities are still inside their boxes?

Providers of packing services will take out all your belongings from their boxes carefully and efficiently. They will do this quickly as well. Within a few hours, you will have all your items arranged and set up in their proper places ready for you to use. This is because the company will send the right number of workers depending on the number of boxes you have and the workload.

With this service, you can breathe easy and immediately do everything you need or want in your new home without having to lift a finger to do the unpacking.

2.   Time-consuming and incorrect placement of household items

Do you need the beds, some cabinets, bookshelves, and tables assembled and positioned in their proper places? The crew will do all of these things for you. They will place them anywhere you want them to go so you need not do any heavy lifting.

Their service covers everything which means they will also place all the decor on the shelves or tables as you wish. You can even ask them to put screws into the wall, hang up and arrange your paintings or framed photos according to your preferences.

With the crew’s assistance, every room in your home will be properly furnished and decorated in no time. You won’t have to break a sweat doing all these, and all you need to do is supervise them.

3.   Accidents, breakage, and damages

Since you’re still tired from packing and moving, you may become careless with handling some boxes and items. This can cause you to break some expensive glassware, china, or porcelain decor.

With all the clutter around, you may even trip on a box, hurt yourself, and even damage something. You can also hurt your back if you carry or move a particularly heavy item incorrectly.

With valet unpacking, you can avoid such hassles since professionals will be taking care of all your unpacking tasks. They are trained to handle all items carefully especially the more delicate and expensive ones. They are also more adept at navigation (thanks to their experience in moving packages) and, as such, are less likely to get into any tripping accidents.

It is also worth noting here that if you choose a reputable service provider, the unpacking crew has insurance. So in case they accidentally break or damage something (however highly unlikely this scenario may be), you will be properly recompensed.

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4.    Having a cluttered and disorganized new home

Lastly, as a new homeowner, you will want to have a tidy, organized, and clean home as soon as possible. You may want to start inviting your friends or new neighbors to visit you and see your new home. This is something that you will have to delay doing if there are boxes scattered all over your home, and you only have the essentials ready for use.

Your valet unpacking crew will ensure that your home will be ready for all your guests — expected and unexpected. Since they will be unpacking your boxes and organizing all your items, your home will be clean and clutter-free in no time.

If you are still preparing for the big move and want to experience all the benefits that valet unpacking services come with, ask your shortlisted moving companies if they offer this type of service. In case the companies you have talked to do not provide this service, go online to look for other service providers or contractors.

But to have just one company handling all the packing, moving, unpacking, and organizing processes when it comes to house moving, it is best to choose a removalist that offers all these services at once. By doing so, you will have a tidy, organized, and functional home within a matter of hours.

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