Based in Metz in France, Vero Reato explores the possibilities of the “gray matter”. As a laboratory worker she observes, experiments and creates sensitive works on which the mineral and the organic merge in a profusion of cells.

Creations that defy time

Illustrator, decorative painter and sculptor, Vero Reato constantly feeds her research on the natural environment that surrounds her. Fascinated by nature, she researches, gathers and lists plants and minerals according to forms and unusual colors. In a quasi-scientific approach, she observes and identifies samples that could be included in her pieces of art. The variety of forms, associations, colors and textures are all sources of inspiration in the creation of decorative objects and wall installations.

In 2013, her research on the concrete and her desire to design unalterable outdoor tables lead her to one of the materials that revolutionized modern construction: the high performant fiber-reinforced concrete. The use of this unusual material, durable and ultra-resistant, opened to her the doors to a new way of expression.

Revealing the beauty of the ‘gray matter’ 
In her creations, Vero Reato addresses the mix of materials with delicacy and poetry. Very graphically, the proliferation of organic and inorganic “cells” invites us for the contemplation of a universe which is not known if it is huge or microscopic.


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In her collection of murals Alvéolaires (“Alveolar”), Reato colors the concrete using pigments or oxides, and adds pieces of bamboo which is renowned for its high strength and its resistance to decay.


With Ovoïdes (“Ovoids”), Vero Reato conceived spherical tables that can be used outdoors. The confrontation of her work with the natural environment offers a new appraisal; questioning our approach to the artistic piece, sometimes ornamental sculpture and sometimes tangible element of an ecosystem.

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