Don’t have anything planned for the weekend? How about a simple DIY project – to liven up your living room? If you feel like your room needs something new, chic, and modern, but you don’t really have the budget for it, don’t worry. These cool living room ideas, simple DIY tricks, and tips will help you make your living room look fabulous again. 

All you need to have is a little time, effort, and patience on our hands, and by the end of the weekend, you’ll be sipping your cup of favorite tea or coffee in your new and bright living room.

Remember that the right living room décor will give your space a personality — an ambiance that artistically reflects your interests and your vision. Therefore, your living room design should go far beyond simply looking neat and tidy. 

1. Mix it up a bit

Living room furniture

It’s miraculous what you can do by only moving your furniture around and arranging it differently. When done correctly, you can make it look like a completely different room! Start by just looking around, measuring and getting to know the space so you’re sure just what can go where. 

For example, if you have a desk in your living room, try to set it facing the windows so you have natural light come in while you’re working. Also, such a setup prevents screen glare on your laptop. If you have a fireplace, maybe you could turn your sofa towards it, instead of the TV.

2. Eclectic furniture collection

You can even create your own one-of-a-kind furniture with repurposed stuff. So, start digging through your old stuff or your local thrift shops for some inspirations. Think a rustic coffee table made of wood pellets or bright cushions piled on top of each other to create the most unique looking accent chairs. Or, tiny side tables made with book piles and a wooden board! The possibilities are endless. You can get many ideas online through DIY related sites.

3. Paint and wallpapers

Living room wall colors
Photo by Im3rd Media on Unsplash CC0

If there’s a way you can easily make your living room pop, it’s painting it a new color. Have you tried being bold and maybe painting a room complementary to your furniture’s colors? For example, if your sofa is in a shade of blue, you can paint your room warm tones of orange or beige. Do not use very dark wall colors, especially if you have a small space. Dark hues will make it look even smaller. 

Another way to give your living area a modern look is by keeping the walls white while distributing vibrant colors throughout the room. In fact, if you have an open concept house with a kitchen-dining room-living room combo, such an interior design will make the space look more open, and in a continuous flow.

If you’re keen on using wallpaper instead, choose a beautiful one in a striking modern pattern. The stylish wallpaper will take your contemporary living room to another level. Your living room will have that “expensive looking” air without you having spent a bomb on the remodeling.  

Planning a renovation for your living room? Try our free living room remodel cost estimator; it’s easy and convenient to use!

4. Living room lighting 

Good lighting serves an important purpose in enhancing the function and look of your living room. It determines its overall mood and ambiance. Ideally, a living room must have three types of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient light gives the room overall illumination while task lighting directs light to specific zones. Accent lights illuminate objects or areas. Make sure you add all three in some way or the other. You could place a table lamp, pendant lights, or a floor lamp in your living room to create the perfect living area. 

The right living room lighting ideas can instantly bring alive your living space, and how! If you’re on a tight remodeling budget, you can replace an unattractive, outdated light fixture with a quirky one. Or, you could simply add a few coats of paint on the existing one to add to the room’s eclectic vibe.

5. Decorations on the living room walls

Living room decor ideas
Photo by Agon Mustafa on Unsplash CC0

Depending on your room’s overall theme, you could do a little redecorating in case you haven’t had a lot of or any decorations earlier. There are a ton of ways you can get creative in and make your living room an art exhibition! Make DIY photo frames, 3D wall art, or meaningful messages or phrases and put them on your living room walls. A bookcase with your favorite bestsellers can be great as wall decorations.

6. Plants, and more plants

Living room plant decor
Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash CC0

You wouldn’t believe what plants can do to your whole household, not just your living room. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they can also provide fresh, purified oxygen for you — drastically reducing indoor air pollution! Moreover, there’s nothing like greenery to add a cozy and warm vibe to your living room.

A great idea for an inspired living room decor is to fill all the underused nooks of your living space with evergreen houseplants. They will create a personality-packed focal point in the room without forcing you to break a bank.

If you’re still reluctant to buy some, see if one of your friends or neighbors will give some of their organic indoor plants and herbs to you. There are a million ways you can make and decorate a pot for them, too, which will make them stand out more. Here’s a way: tuck the pot in a cute, woven basket for an extra punch.

7. DIY molding

Although it sounds intimidating, it’s actually a fairly inexpensive and easy to apply installation. You’ll add a gorgeous look to your simple living room with just a little effort and basic carpentry skills. Get creative with applied molding, as there really are no rules when it comes to customizing. Consider using molding around the fireplace, or paint molding a contrasting color from the wall to make certain spaces pop. Whatever you decide, the best part about applied molding is that most people can do it.

Last words

Whether it be something old, new or crafty, it’s up to you to decide what will suit your modern living room the most. Take a good look at your living room, declutter, and decide on what’s missing the most. Is it color, texture, shapes, furniture? After that, doing a makeover in your living room will be easy-peasy. All you need is a pair of hands, some time and a few tools, and you’re ready to go. Make your living room feel like an extension of your personality!

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