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Forget about conventional bathrooms and consider the shower as a versatile element that can give you plenty of additional options in bathroom design. Open showers are one of the hottest trends in bathrooms because they create the feeling of more space, and can incorporate natural light to fill the whole room.

As a bathroom element, you can play with showers by taking it beyond its limited function. It can become a transition between a bathroom and your bedroom, or the gateway to your walk-in closet, or even an exit to the outdoors.

This conception makes the best use of the available space by allowing the showering area to blend naturally with the rest of the room, giving the sense of spaciousness and minimalism. It is important to remember that in most wet rooms, intimacy is high and privacy is low, so they require the right location in which to work.

How to divide without dividing? Perception

Decorative shower tile designs, both in floors and walls, allow you to create a division without sacrificing space. Tiles that incorporate borders, varying color schemes, and even decorative elements such as floral motifs, can create this division. It is a simple and great way to divide a bathroom without losing usable space, and to contrast two functions within the same space without negating each another.

Remember, a wet room doesn’t have to look like a locker room shower. Creating a cohesive space within your current bathroom design is not an immense task, as long as you have the space. Most wet rooms require at least a 4′ x 4′ space.

The interesting thing about wet room design criteria is that it is usually related to big rooms, where a maximally sized enclosure would be in order. So the challenge is to implement it on a small scale, into small bathrooms or wet rooms, where a smart solution will be most valued.

Note: A wet room is a fully watertight bathroom with no separate shower tray. The “walk-in” shower area is usually level with the surrounding floor but with a slight slope to the drain. The shower unit and controls are fitted to one of the walls within the wet room.

Is a Wet Room the Right Decision for Me?

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the space (or money for an addition) to incorporate a wet room into our current bathroom. Here are some other criteria where a wet room might not make the most sense:

  • Those who enjoy traditional baths
  • Your contractor is unable to create suitable subfloor changes for drainage
  • Plumbing change cost taking away from other, more necessary renovations

In the end a wet room can bring value and creativity to your space. It is a new trend that is in vogue right now, but takes excellent design and construction work to be done correctly. If you are truly thinking about creating a wet room, talk with a local professional to get the job done right.


Wet Rooms: The Shower as a Partition Strategy was last modified: June 20th, 2019 by Oriana Gomez-Zerpa

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