So, you may have heard about PVC? Yes, PVC as in Polyvinyl chloride is commonly known as, yes you guessed it right, Vinyl. Vinyl happens to be the most useful and, of course, most popular plastic. In fact, it happens to be the 2nd most produced plastic worldwide (by volume). Introduced in 1954, now half of the market share of home window sales consists of Vinyl.

Enough about Vinyl history. Let’s just jump right in into the many benefits of this variety of window construction. Below are listed some of the important advantages you will gain if you decide to install this type of window in your home.

Vinyl Window Cost

Before taking on a home improvement project, you should know your budget. Having that knowledge and sharing the information with your contractor will guide you in your selections. Knowing how many you can afford in which product line and style. Assuring you the highest value for your budget. Compared to Fiberglass, Aluminium or Wood models, Vinyl is very cost effective.


If it’s cheaper, can it last as long? Vinyl is a very strong and durable material. It’s highly resistant to weather wear, sun, and fading.

Windows made by a reputable manufacturer will last for many years to come. Each manufacturer and each window line from them will have varying warranty periods. Compare your available options and choose a quality window from a high-quality manufacturer and you’ll have no worries for many years.

Energy Efficient

Because of its great degree of insulation, this very type of window has become the number one choice for practically every homeowner. PVC has a very high R-value and hence Vinyl Windows are one of the most energy efficient windows. They keep the heat during cold winter days and seal the room from the hot weather of summer. Saving you money, year after year on your utility bills.

When looking at the different types of Vinyl Windows, you will see that they are usually multi-glazed. Double Pane and Triple Pane are very common in the current market.

Insulated glazing: More commonly known as a double pane, or triple pane, is double or triple glass window panes separated by an air or other gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.

But, I would suggest that you opt for a triple glazed model. They do the best job to keep the energy cost at a minimum. Instantly making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Style and Design

With so many styles, shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors, you’ll find the combination that’s perfect for your preference and your home’s style. Whether a picture window, casement, bay window, double hung or transom the style you choose will add curb appeal and value.

Colors choices ranging from white to champagne to green and beyond. You even have the option to choose a faux wood, matte, and shiny finish. Choosing a style with a grid or other design can add character visual style to the homes existing exterior.


Good news for all homeowners! Vinyl Windows are a great low maintenance choice.

The surface of this type of window is already sealed, finished and stained, so you do not need to sand, prime and paint or stain it. Vinyl Windows are also resistant to mold, dirt and UV sunlight. As a result, it does not wear or fade from exposure. It won’t be targeted by pests such as termites. It also happens to be scratch resistant, rot free and rust free. A little soap and water are all you need to clean this window looking its best.


Recyclable Window Material Vinyl is thermoplastic, and thus it can be melted and then remolded to make a whole new product. And this recycling process will take place without losing its chemical characteristics. So, Vinyl is a perfectly recyclable item and with it, you also get to contribute a little to make the earth greener.

Noise Reduction

Enjoy peace and quiet with Vinyl Windows. Double or triple pane windows can reduce noise levels. A standard dual-pane window carries an STC rating of around 27. Requesting the appropriate options can boost that value up to around STC 34.

For example: To achieve your acoustic goals without settling for more expensive solutions, ask for dual-pane windows with dissimilar glass. While standard glass units consist of two panes that are the same thickness, dissimilar glass refers to a window with two panes of glass with different thicknesses. For instance, one pane might be 1/8″ and the other 1/4″.

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In the window manufacturing market, the standards have raised considerably over past generations. Glass is stronger more durable and more resistant to strikes than ever before. From the view of home security, many advances in locking mechanisms and techniques have been implemented throughout the industry as well. If you have a specific need for strength or security be sure to communicate that with your contractor. Otherwise, today’s standard window options should be more than acceptable to most homeowners.


Make sure to choose a well-qualified window installation contractor. An improperly installed window can be a source of energy loss, water intrusion and may void the window manufacturer’s warranty.

Style, energy savings, increased home value, security and comfort are all the important benefits that Vinyl Windows can provide. If you need new windows, don’t put it off any longer, start receiving all the benefits of new windows today.

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John C.
John C.

There’s always pros and cons but pros outweigh the cons on this one. Love my vinyl windows!