A broken refrigerator supply line. A frozen pipe that bursts inside your house. Undetected holes in pipes, or worn hoses that cause leaks in your home… All of these scenarios can be disastrous to a homeowner. And no matter how careful of a homeowner you are, we are all susceptible to leaky or broken pipes in our homes. Unfortunately, when those pipes leak or burst in the kitchen or bathroom, they can cause extensive damage — and a hefty headache.

One of the biggest dangers of leaky pipes in the kitchen and bathroom areas is the threat of sewage entering your home, bringing with it disease-causing fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Very young children or elderly family members living in your household are particularly susceptible to these threats. People with compromised immune or respiratory systems are also in a particularly greater danger.

If you’re dealing with leaky pipes, follow these steps to get your home cleaned up and restored quickly.

Act Fast

Water can cause major damage — and fast. If the water damage remains unchecked, mold becomes a real problem. In fact, it can begin growing in as little as 48 to 72 hours. When leaky pipes are at play, time is of the essence.

Unfortunately, if you’re dealing with a leaky pipe, you may not see the damage right away. Instead, you might notice bad odors. Or the water may damage the materials it is penetrating, and you may notice shrinking, delamination, splitting, and other signs of deterioration. These signs indicate you’ve had a leak for a while, and you shouldn’t waste any time repairing the situation.

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Call a Professional

Painting your walls and installing kitchen backsplashes are great DIY projects. But cleaning up water damage is best left to the professionals.

Many people attempt to clean up water damage themselves, thinking that removing the water and then patting the area dry will be sufficient. But even after all the water has been removed, you may still have water damage that your eyes can’t see. That’s because water penetrates into areas that aren’t easy to spot. And when these pockets of saturation sit somewhere undetected, they cause damage — and continue to do so until the water is removed. This can lead to expensive repairs.

Simply hoping you’ve removed all the water won’t help you rest easy at night. Receiving a guarantee from a professional will.

But Use a Certified Professional

kitchen PlumbingPhoto by MoToMo on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

There is actually a scientific way to properly clean and dry an area affected by water damage. Restoration companies that are IICRC (Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified have been trained in those proper scientific ways.

Water damage restoration companies and individuals that have been certified know through training and experience how to properly and thoroughly identify moisture sources. In addition, they can determine if there has been any mold growth. They will contain any damage, and remove the contamination and dry materials so that mold won’t return.

Certified restorers also understand the need for urgency in water damage cleanup, and will work quickly on your home to get things under control. Not only that, but WTR-certified technicians know how to test materials and apply restoration techniques to bring items back to their pre-loss conditions.

Document Properly for Insurance

Fortunately, many cases of leaky kitchen or bathroom pipes are covered under traditional homeowner’s insurance. If your situation is covered by your insurance, make sure your restoration service company creates an itemized list of all the damage items, as well as the costs incurred in restoring your home. Ask for the company to do a thorough inspection so that every part of the damage is included. These details will make it easier for your claim to be accepted.

Dealing with any sort of water damage can be a huge hassle, but when you act fast, get the proper help, and work with your insurance company, your home can be restored to its previous condition in no time — and you can rest easy again.

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