Most of us have a long to-do list when it comes to our home, which means sometimes we don’t get around to repairing or replacing something until it there’s already a problem. But certain home features, like your heating and cooling system, should be preemptively replaced. That way, you won’t find yourself in a bind and make an impulsive choice that could affect your home and finances for years to come.

Home Improvement Leads explains why fall is a good season to make a thoughtful decision about replacing your HVAC system.

Fall is the Most Convenient

If your system is getting old or is starting to act up, the extreme temperatures of winter and summer can push it to the breaking point. Unfortunately, these are also the most inconvenient times of year for your unit to bite the dust. Instead of putting your family through the discomfort of a hot summer day or a freezing winter night, think ahead and replace it while the circumstances aren’t as dire. That way, you can take the time to find a top-notch, energy-efficient unit that will pay off for you in the future—as well as a qualified contractor to install it.

It’s the Off-Season

Speaking of contractors, they’re pretty busy replacing broken air conditioners during winter and summer. Their quotes are going to be at a premium during these seasons.

Think about supply and demand. Most people do wait until their heating or cooling unit is on the fritz to replace it—and that’s likeliest to happen during summer or winter. The sunniest, warmest months are busiest for home improvement projects, and therefore the prices of materials will be higher. By thinking ahead and shopping in the off season, you could save on both labor and supplies.

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The Holidays Are Coming

Late November and December are busy entertaining seasons, and by the time colder weather comes around, you’ll have guests to be thinking about in addition to your family. If you want everyone to feel comfortable and at home in your house, it’s best to take replace your heating unit before the holidays come around. It will also give you time to focus on more fun tasks like decorating for the season.

Other Tips for Replacing Your HVAC

  • Research federal tax rebates and the criteria your new HVAC system needs to meet to qualify.
  • Get several quotes before choosing a contractor. Verify his or her licenses and insurance and check the Better Business Bureau website to make sure they have a good reputation.
  • Use the fact that you don’t currently need an air conditioner and that you’re willing to shop for quotes as a negotiating strength.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for an off-season discount in fall or spring.


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Sandra Patterson
Sandra Patterson

I really appreciate your comment about how the prices for replacing an HVAC system are going to be high during winter and summer. I was planning on replacing my HVAC system as soon as possible, but now I will wait until the off-season so that I can get the best price. Hopefully I can get a great deal in exchange for dealing with a faulty A/C system for a little while.

Elisabeth Southgate
Elisabeth Southgate

I like how you said to if your HVAC is old to think about replacing it before it gives out when you need it most. My husband and I recently bought a home. We will need to consider replacing our system sometime soon. Knowing that it is better to do it sooner than later is helpful.