If you have wondered “why is my fridge leaking?”, you are lucky because a leaking refrigerator is an equivalent of buying a bed and buying a bad mattress. You can’t rest easy with a leaking refrigerator.

Why does my fridge keep filling up with water?

The second question after why is my fridge leaking is, fortunately, “Why does my fridge keep filling with water?” Initially diagnosing a refrigerator is easy if you know where to look. The solutions to this can be as easy as leveling the refrigerator or changing some hoses, but knowing how to get to them is the challenge. For some simple solutions, here are some recurring clinical cases.

Check water supply

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Water leaks may cause by a leaking or improperly connected water supply hose. This repair can you make yourself, remember to turn off the water supply to either the mains or the room. Turn off the refrigerator, and move it away from the walls to a place where it can easily be checked-repaired. If you find a drip, replace the hose and fittings. This may be the source of the water under your refrigerator.

Level the refrigerator

Easy, right? Well, something as simple as leveling the refrigerator can fix that water leak. Since the drain pan does not level, water can leak out of the drain pan. You can do this repair yourself. You will need a spirit level. Level it by pushing it from side to side and tilting it a little at a time. Check that the bubble is in the center of the level. Another option is to find the factory screws and loosen them a little at a time.

Check that the drain pan not damage.

Occasionally, a damaged or broken drain pan can cause water leaks. The function of the water in the drain pan is to evaporate, instead, it leaks creating a water leak. This tray is usually located under the refrigerator.

Look at the defrost drain

It locates at the back of the refrigerator and easily clogs when the freezer is full. When clogged, the coils work overtime to compensate and this can lead to gas condensation. the solution: reorganize your refrigerator. put hot water wipes in the pipe to remove ice chips.

Ice maker

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The water supply line may be clogged and cause water to drip. Something you can also do yourself. Turn off the refrigerator, and remove the ice maker. Unscrew the screws holding it, and unplug the wiring harness. Check the hoses, the water, and the ice hoses and if there are ice blockages, a hair dryer will melt them little by little. Check the connections and replace the hoses.

Inlet valve

This valve is on the back of your refrigerator and opens and closes the water supply to the ice maker. To check the valve, first, close the water inlet valve. Disconnect the supply line. Place the tubing in a bucket and with the help of an assistant, have them open the seat valve.

If water flows out of the pipe, the inlet valve is probably damaged. How do I fix it? To fix the valve, unscrew the cover panel, and unscrew the screws that hold the valve in place. Unplug the wires and loosen the nuts that connect the water lines and replace the valve.

Water dispenser

This is caused by a buildup of pressure that forces water to escape through an opening in the water dispenser. To remedy this, test the continuity of the water purge through the water dispenser for at least 5 minutes.


The fan motor located in the freezer wears out over time or may be defective; causing the freezer to not cool enough or to cool too much and the rest of the refrigerator is not cold. This causes ice to concentrate and start to drip. Another cause is dust buildup that accumulates on the coils and water starts to drip.

Close the doors tightly

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When the fridge doors do not close tightly, the cold escapes and represents a gas leak, automatically causing water puddles. Always check that they properly close.

These are simple solutions to problems that can solve the question of why is my fridge leaking. However, the best option is to call a professional technician, if he is certified by the brand of your refrigerator, the better. Electrical or mechanical problems such as engine or gas recharging should always be done by a professional.

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