Wondering, “Why is my house so dusty”? You’re not alone. All of us have to deal with the dust problem on a daily basis. How much ever you may clean, the dust comes back to haunt you. When you have dust all around, it not only makes your home look unpleasant but also can adversely affect your health. 

Excess dust can cause health issues such as asthma and allergies. Usually, a dusty house is because of a lack of airflow or a contaminated flow of air that carries millions of microparticles. These are largely dead skin cells, hair particles, pet dander, carpet fibers, clothing and upholstery, dust mite, bedding fragments, and outdoor pollutants. 

If it’s not possible to dust your house yourself, you may invest in a local housekeeping service or maid service to help maintain good air quality.

Although dust is inevitable, you can do your bit to manage and reduce it. If you’re regularly asking yourself, “Why is my house so dusty?”, this article is for you. 

So, why is my house so dusty?

Here are some common reasons for excessive dust in your house.

Faulty HVAC system

hvac inspection

A good HVAC unit keeps the airborne dust out of your home. Your air conditioning may not be doing that if it’s a cheap model or is dirty. An HVAC unit brings outside air and filters it. Then, it provides heating and cooling to your home by blowing the air out through air ducts.

A dirty HVAC system will not only fail to do a good job of reducing dust, but it will also increase your energy bills. Besides, it will also shorten the lifespan of the appliance.

Make sure you keep your HVAC systems well-maintained and protected in order to improve indoor air quality.

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Dirty carpet with dust mite

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Over time, dust and dirt build-up in the air. Moreover, your shoes and pets’ paws bring a lot of dirt from outside – adding to the problem. These particles settle onto your carpets – settling deep into the fibers. The only solution to prevent such a buildup is to keep the home flooring and the carpets clean

Leaky doors and windows 

Doors and windows with gaps can lead to energy loss. Moreover, dust and pollen can also enter your home every time the wind blows. The situation becomes worse if you live on a dirt or gravel road. You may consider window and door caulking as a way to keep your home energy efficient and also fill any gaps in the framework. 

Dust buildup on furniture, blinds, and curtains

Fabric and upholstered furniture accumulate dust. And, every time you draw the curtains or sit on the sofa, the trapped dirt is released into the air. The best solution is to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains or drapes and furniture once a week. 

If you have blinds or shades, wipe them down regularly. 

Holes in the ducts 

vent cleaning

The air ducts in your home run through walls, ceilings, attics, and crawl spaces. If there are sealing issues or holes in the ductwork, dust can move into the leaky ducts and be blown into your home.

In case you notice more dust after you run your furnace or air conditioner, it means that the ducts are not properly sealed. It’s a good idea to contact an HVAC expert and run a pressure test on the duct system.

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Steps to improve indoor air quality and reduce dust

Dust may contain dangerous tiny particles such as mold spores, pollen, dust mite waste, human and pet hair, skin flakes, bacteria, viruses, and food particles. It becomes really important to reduce dust accumulation. Here are some useful ways of going about it. 

Dust properly

Using a dry cloth will just move the dust around without actually removing it. Switch to a damp microfiber cloth or a damp clean cloth instead. It will trap dust particles due to the moisture present. And, always dust from top to bottom. 

Wipe fan blades, walls, baseboards, etc., once a month to prevent any dust buildup. 

Vacuum regularly

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Make vacuuming the carpet, furniture, and curtains a part of your regular home maintenance schedule. It will help you improve your home’s air quality. If you don’t like vacuuming, you can opt for complete carpet removal and just have a hardwood floor. Remember that leather or wooden furniture will collect less dust than fabric ones.

Use an HVAC filter with a higher MERV rating

A filter with a higher MERV rating will be able to block more dust particles from getting inside your home. You can opt for either a MERV 11 or a MERV 13 filter. 

It’s a good idea to inspect your air filters every month. If you cannot see the filter media, it’s time to change the filter. 

Seal the doors and windows

Make sure the weather stripping around the doors and windows is good. It’ll improve your home’s energy efficiency and also help prevent dust from entering your living areas. 

Avoid wearing outdoor shoes inside the house

Your shoes can bring in most of the dirt and dust. The best solution is to ask everyone to remove their shoes at the door and wear house slippers from a shoe rack kept near the front door. 

Keep your bedding clean

Wash your bedsheets and pillowcases weekly to prevent dust buildup. Remember to vacuum your mattress and furnishings regularly.

Run the bathroom exhaust and air purifier 

shower drain cover

Running your exhaust fan after a shower and using an air purifier will keep things clean and dry. An air purifier draws out contaminants from your indoor air. Also, keep in mind that excessive moisture or high humidity levels can promote mold growth and dust mite concentration. Make sure you maintain comfortable humidity levels at home. The ideal indoor humidity is about 50%. 

Why is my house so dusty?Last thoughts

Everyone wants a dust-free home. Apart from making your home less desirable, collecting dust can cause severe allergies and breathing problems too. You need to act fast in reducing the dirt – before you start suffering from a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, continuous sneezing, or worsening asthma. It’s a good idea to figure out the source of the dust and take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

Need a friendly summary of all of the above? Always come back and use this infographic we made just for you.

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I think that in short, it’s all about keeping things clean, and checking devices every now and then, and I think that’s common sense, go go