In 2015 alone, the U.S housing improvement and maintenance expenditure stood at $340 billion. That gives you a hint of just how many homes undergo renovations annually – a lot! Renovating your house is a serious affair and as such, it should be treated in that manner. It’s an affair that not only involves you, your family, and your landlord but also your neighbors as well. There are some issues that you’ll have to deal with, and you’ll need a plan. Among them, one important step will be to inform your neighbors about it via a renovation notice letter.

According to research, 79% (i.e at least 8 out of 10) of Americans believe that respect and courtesy are an important part of every society. Therefore, you — as a member of any complex — should adhere to the general norms of chivalry. How? Well, by informing your neighbors of a planned renovation. Doing so in advance is rather polite and considerate on your part. Thinking of all the dust, the noise they may have to endure, including construction workers they will be bumping into on the corridors, it is definitely the right step to take.

So, how do you go about writing the perfect renovation notice letter to your neighbors?

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1.     Keep It Formal

Keep it formal; this is no friendly letter! Therefore, from the greetings to the conclusion, it should be official. Have all the features of a formal letter including a date and a written signature. Despite its formality, you must give it a personalized touch; a good example is with the greetings as shown.

“Dear John and Marlene”

“Dear Neighbor”

Signing off at the conclusion would include using words such as Respectfully and Sincerely among others. Of course, you’ll finish off with your signature, preferably hand-written. You can check essay writing services platforms for further tips on writing a formal letter just in case you are unsure of how to go about it.

2.     Give a Timeline

As much as you may be uncertain of exactly how long the renovations might take, you must have a rough idea of how long. Yes, it’s understandable that specific factors such as weather and other unforeseen circumstances may have an impact on the project duration, but still have a timeline. After talking with the contractor, he’ll give a time frame within which he’s comfortable about completing the proposed renovations. As you draw up the renovation notice letter, you’ll indicate the given timeframe, mainly the start and end dates.


“The works will commence on 26 January and end on 18 February or thereabouts.”

“Works are expected to last over a period of 1 week, the main work dates being 20, 22, and 23 January.”

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3.     Apologize In Advance

It can get too noisy; it’s best to apologize in advance for the inconvenience

Renovations are likely to be an inconvenience, not just for you but for your neighbors too. It’s only polite to inform them of what will be happening and apologize in advance. They may have to deal with noise, dust, and the smell of paint among an extended range of other issues. You may have neighbors with small kids, who may be allergic to the dust. Thus, you may need to make readjustments to your routines so as not to create inconvenience for them. Therefore, apologizing will be necessary on your part. Plus, it’s common etiquette to inform your neighbors of any activities taking place at your house that are likely to bother them.

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4.     Give Contact Information

contact information

It’s vital that you leave your contact information via which you can be reached on during the renovation period. This is very important especially if any concerns are to arise and they need to reach you. Depending on the preferred choice, you can opt to leave your email address, phone number, or let them leave you a note. Let it be a channel that you’re comfortable using. Leaving your contacts is part of being civil. In a society where 9 out of 10 individuals believe that incivility is a crisis and needs to be dealt with, you’ll be doing yourself quite a favor. Show your neighbors that you’re a reasonable person. You’ll earn their respect and save you from any future problems with them.

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5.     Highlight Any Environmental Issues That May Arise

Construction works in any building come with impacts such as noise and dust. It’s vital that you inform neighbors of such effects. Anyone who can have any health complications or any other issues, as a result, can take measures in advance. Although this section isn’t compulsory to include, it can open a leeway “for those neighbors” who like to create problems. Plus, renovation notice letters to neighbors need to be kept short. Remember, this letter is merely meant to inform them and not stir any problems. It’s simply being neighborly.

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Renovating your house is a process that needs a plan with steps that include writing a renovation notice letter to your neighbors

Writing the perfect renovation notice letter to your neighbors is quite easy, although it may appear difficult. Well, if you face any difficulty, think of the easy argumentative essay topics that you did in college and use them as an example to work from. Writing such letters won’t be a challenge anymore for you!

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